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Hebe girls.
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Are the best.
The PROPER term is JC.
But some hebe girls aren't in education.

ITT: Shows only you watched
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Now that was a piece of shit, I struggled to give it the 3 episode rule.
Kyun kyun~

Saado kyun kyun~
I liked it. The comedy just worked for me.

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>when your son looks older than you.
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Stop filling the catalog with junk and stay in your general
It's cause he's a city fella
>When the facebook memes aren't funny at all

>Yoko will never be your teacher

Why live?
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>Why live?
Kill yourself.
Reminder that Yoko is directly responsible for Kamina's death. Cunt even gloats about it later on "did you know I kinda had a thing for Kamina?" Yeah fuck off cunt if you didn't fuck with Simon's feelings then cuck him his bro would still be alive.
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>another season
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It was a really long period of history.
I want to see Honnoji Incident.
Why should?

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Why is shower/bath scenes of young girls so rare?
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Because it's irrelevant. Doesn't serve a purpose other than to be a shower scene.
Why would you want to see a young girl bathing? Pretty boring.

What if she's hiding there because it's actually her onii-chan's bath time?

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>male tsunderes
What a fucking faggot, holy shit.
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Male tsundere always made more sense to me.
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Men should never behave like little girls when they are confronted by a girl. Satsuki is basically the man in this situation while he blushes like a fucking faggot.
>Men should never have flaws

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Tamako Love Story! is the best romance ever created and the best anime filmography ever made. Prove me wrong.
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I don't watch romance so I wouldn't know but it's far from being the best anime film
Tamako LS > Toraoara in my opinion.
i ll get it im dl something else atm sorry

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Who are the anime/manga girls with the best legs?
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Yeah, JK legs are god tier.

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Did anyone else hate this bitch as much as I did? She deserved all the bad stuff that happened to her and more. I wish she would have lived so she could have suffered longer. She was a terrible person
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>shitposting from the afterlife

Candybitch, please.
Only watched the anime so not too sure what she did wrong but from what I saw it seemed like the candy girl was the terrible person and used her for her lack of talent. she didn't deserve it
Candy Girl and Pharma Girl weren't in the games so you aren't missing anything regarding them.

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netflix devilman.png
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Welp we Devilman by netflix.
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Fuckin VOMIT.
Nagai is rolling over in his bed.
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>that netflix synopsis
OK, so it's literally nothing like the manga essentially?
They copypaste'd the summary from the Toei Devilman entry on their jap page.

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>always have to rewind if I don't catch every single word of the subtitles
>never skipping OPs and EDs (might just surf other tabs if their bad)
>always have to watch the last 3 episodes together to make them seem more "movie" like if the series isn't airing
>back when I used to watch dubs, I would alternate between Japanese and English audio after each episode
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I don't have autism, so I don't think I can contribute to this awful thread.
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>know basic japanese
>see a translation wrong
>delete the file and download it from another source
>it's the same shit
>Faith can move a mt.
>Tough the Dark Lord, amen.
>hate to drop anime, force myself to watch things I hate
>feel a slight need to avoid watching 80s tv anime so I can brag about having seen 70s and 90s anime but not 80s

I also share many of >>154121439 but I don't know if it can even be considered autistic. I really dislike missing parts of the subtitles, and I always let it play through the OP and ED, often without watching. But may not be bad either. I also like to finish an anime by watching multiple epidodes, but may simply be to get over with it or a better experience, not to make it movie like.

What could be the reason why Megumin's body type is so sexy?
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Perhaps because you're a pedophile that loves 14 year-olds.
For maximum otaku-pandering fap bait. It worked.
common asian body type.

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>countless universes are created and disappear in an instant
Is there a more impressive feat in anime/manga/visual/light novels?
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That's a weird pic to use for the fight between Lambda and Bern.
Et Ca Repha farting and blowing up a universe seems more amusing.
Saint Seiya power-levels are retarded. After unlocking the Seventh Sense everyone moves at the speed of light and throws attacks that should destroy the entire solar system and break the law of physics but they barely break some shitty stone temples.

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From this uneventful thread >>154090596
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I don't see my waifu there.

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