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Is this one of those threads where we talk in depth about how Griffith was right, and did absolutely nothing wrong.
He did everything wong
He should have killed Gutz when he had the chance. End his suffering.

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You can now kiss the Lich.
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tfw she will never give you the licc
She probably listens Bright Eyes
I don't think a lich would listen to that. She probably just listens to some plebcore.

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>/a/ tells me Mob Psycho is a fun read
>It ends up getting too real instead
Times when a manga has crushed your spirit?
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Nice blog, where can I subscribe?
No but really, fuck off.
Yeah, it's pretty down-to-earth in spite of the supernatural stuff. It's a skill of ONE's, I guess.
Literally anytime I read a sports/hobby manga showing people following their dreams.

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How far do you think Bacterian could go in the dragon-ball universe? Could he beat cell eventually?
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not as deadly as Krillin's farts
He could only beat Perfect Cell. The other forms have no nose.
I always thought it was funny how Krillin supposedly had no nose for this fight, and yet next fight against Jackie Chun he shot snot out of his nostrils at him.

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New chapter today.
Sexual tension is too strong here.
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And that's all, folks.
See you at April.

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A Art Museum opened a "Japanese Animated Film Classics" website with a collection of classic animated works from Japan available streaming with English subtitles.

The website will be open until the end of 2017.

Have you seen it yet?
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This is cool. Thanks for posting it.
>inb4 deleted

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So I finally started watching this and I just finished the fourth episode. What am I watching? I feel like nothing has happened in the past four episodes. The very beginning made it look like I'd be seeing action but it's just people standing around talking and there was something about a crab making someone lighter. I thought it would lead into her having some cool powers, especially when she pulled out all those school supplies like she was some sort of good that could store objects. But it went in a completely different direction. Am I missing something? Is this going to get better?
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Void* not good
You've completely missed the point of the show, it's not an action series. If you don't enjoy people standing around talking, drop it. There are action scenes, and some of them are fantastic, but the focus of the show is on people talking
You've gone in with the completely wrong expectations. The show is probably ruined forever now in your mind. Might as well drop it.

Movie will come out in 2017

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Looking good. I'm hyped.
Jibril a shit.
The LN was 10/10 but I hope they expand some parts in the middle for a little bit more of development, but if they just adapt 100% canon with no original scenes it will still be an fucking amazing experience.

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There hasn't been a good anime since 2013
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>Implying you know what you are talking about

The EVA Rebuilds are just another one of Shinji's Instrumentality fantasies/nightmares, right?

I mean in the beginning everything seems to be going Shinji's way - he's more assertive, more competent, Asuka is less outright hostile to him, Rei is less closed off, and both girls are outright competing for his affection. Even his own father is ever so slightly warmer to him. This is his fantasy: Shinji is loved, Shinji is the hero, Shinji saves the day.

Then he remembers the bad - he replaces Toji with Asuka because of his guilt over being unable to prevent her death. He tries to save Rei and accidentally triggers Third Impact, and then fourteen years pass without him (or the viewer) to witness it. Then when he comes to, nobody has really changed. Asuka hasn't aged because he can't imagine her any older, Rei is back to the lifeless doll she was after II died. Kaworu dies again because of Shinji's actions and in a way that makes him feel as helpless as when he did it the first time. And when he tries to fix it all, everything goes even worse. This is his nightmare: Shinji is hated, Shinji is the villain, Shinji has doomed humanity.

This is his greatest fears made manifest: that he was being manipulated by his parents, that he was too weak to save everyone else, and when he tried his hardest, he only made things worse. This is just him freaking out in the LCL and trying to sort through what has happened to him up until this point. Maybe it's not even just his dream - since everyone else is with him, maybe they're playing their parts - that's why Kaworu is seemingly aware of things "happening again" and why Asuka is wearing the eyepatch - she brought her injury back with her at the very end of EoE; she must've accepted it as her self-image.
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>Just watched Eva and EoE the other day
>Apparently the remake movies aren't actually remake movies
Fuck, back into the rabbit hole I go
They are and they aren't.
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Obligatory if/before this thread gets rolling.

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Best amagami
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too bad the show itself is a normie trash
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Good taste

kill yourself
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Miya is pretty amazing, easily top 3, but the title of best amagami goes to this lovely lady.

Ayatsuji-san is a wonderful person with nothing to hide.

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*blocks your path*
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Ichigo will never love you
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does /a/ like gender bents, post em
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Why do the girls in this show look like they have the downs?

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I want to fill this dragon's empty belly with my cream.
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Soda cream? Ice cream? I don't understand.
Thank you for sharing your masturbation fantasy.
Stop talking shit about my waifu, I am a lifelong fan of this Kyoani manga.

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I finally finished reading all of Higurashi. I admit, when I heard of it, I thought it was just some edgy gorey mess for teens. I thought poorly of it. But I stayed up almost 24 hours reading the entirity and it was AMAZING.
I felt emotions, the mysteries were great, the solutions were great. The mastermind was a bit obvious towards the middle but I'd prefer that to an asspull no one could see coming.

So my question: Umineko... CAN I read the manga version of it? Currently, I have access to only the questions arc (the answers isn't on steam and I can't exactly torrent it). Is the manga version fulfilling?

Also, Shion=Mion >/ Rena >/ Rika > Blondie > Hanyu
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>steam lets you buy the question arc on discount
>still no answers arc
I'm about to break down and watch the anime
Umineko anime is incomplete and shit. Avoid it.
It was a pain to have to hunt series by series to finish this. They should make it clearer.

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