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Left or right, /a/?
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Anno looks so weird clean shaven
Tomino looks so weird with hair
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That was actually pretty sad.
Tfw no beautiful person like Kaori in your life.
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No one likes this show fuck off and get out
Then why post here?

ever since watching this I'm still looking for a show like it to scratch that itch.
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I really fucking hate self righteous mc's, who know exactly how the world should work, and preach their shitshow to everyone.
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But people need to be told how to live their lives correctly!

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Who was your favorite character from this beautiful squad?
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kakyoin is bae
kakyoin for life

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I just wanted to watch Mahjong Anime, but in the second to last episode the main antagonist summons the corrupted grail from Fate/Stay Night.
What the fuck happened?
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"What the fuck happened" is the entire Washizu arc.

What the fuck happened?
I dunno. But if you press F5 you can screencap whatever you're watching.
Finish the anime, then watch the live action series, then read the manga and it will all make sense

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Best of the 90s thread
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What is the equivalent of this in 2017?

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Kaeru had a hard life
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Kaerun no uta kakakaka kakakaka
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>no more Turning Girls ever confirmed
Kaeru probably killed herself. THere would be no reason to continue.

God tier novel writing here (only real novels for mature and smart people, no cheap LNshit allowed.)

I'll start.

>Not even while being a machine girl can she be left with wet clothes. As a change of clothes was necessary, she lay a bathrobe around her supposedly perfect body and headed for the bathroom. It had been a while since anyone other than Oscar regularly used it, so in a lapse of memory, he entered it without knocking and ended up seeing her while she was had not changed yet.

>“Ah, I’m sor… ry… eh?”

>He swallowed his breath due to perplexity.


>What was reflected in Oscar’s eyes was a sight more bewitchingly beautiful than any naked woman. Dripping golden hair. Beautiful blue orbs of a dimension that would not soften even within a painting. The finely-shaped lips just below them. A flesh body with a slender neck, an outstanding collarbone, plump breasts, and feminine curves.

>Her artificial arms consisted of metal rings from the shoulders to the fingertips. But it was only them. Despite the many scratches, other than the arms, the rest was surprisingly real skin. With that delicate body, she did not seem at all like a mechanical doll, but a relatively normal human being.

>With everything he had believed in until then being mantled over by the shocking revelation, Oscar tried to confirm what he was seeing many times.

>“Master.” Violet called with a voice that seemed to be judging him as he continued to ogle in astonishment.


>Part of the outcome of that incident was Oscar’s screaming. The other was him half-crying while going beet-red, after having yelled on top of his lungs, frantically inquiring, “Are you human, after all?!”

>Wrapping a towel around herself, Violet plainly commented, “Master is, truly, a troublesome person.” Her cheeks were rose-dusted as she muttered, her face a little lowered.
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Agree, god tier writing. Author trapped reader in false premise and misdirection, along with Oscan himself. Intentionally telling false premise, just to reveal that it was false later - however it was actually not fully false and what you believe true will be overturned as false later.

The first chapter, the except from which OP posted, was pretty great - i have doubts KyoAni could adapt it properly though. Too soul crushing, to make it justice most of the episode would have been dedicated not to violet but portraying Oscars past.
Episode 1 is already completely different from the novel, as usual with Kyoani adaptations. Brace for anime original characters and plot.

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I thought this is gonna be a moe shitshow.. Good thing i gave it another chance. Holy shit.
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nice tits i might pick this up
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Cow grazing

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Who's the best male seiyuu and why is it Kamiya Hiroshi?
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He certainly does a good "harried everyman" voice, as well as a good scream.
Because of the color of his voice. Tomokazu Sugita can act better, but Kamiya Hiroshi's voice has this subtle soothing spark to it.
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Miyano Mamoru has been a top rated male seiyuu.

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What do you think of it?
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Read the whole manga series, still don't know shit about how to play.

>the feels when Sai dissapears

And fuck that cliffhanger where he says to Akira that we will explain to him of how he was good in the past.

Overall good shit, would read again.
>Read the whole manga series, still don't know shit about how to play.
alternate putting beads on the boards, if you cover an opposite colour bead(or group of beads) on all 4 sides you capture it and get to take another turn.

I recently saw this film and I want to talk about it

I really liked this film. It had a good story and good characters and a really great soundtrack. I especially like how they included the sounds that come from the pedals and fingernails hitting the keys in the piano tracks, it really gave it a different feel than if it would've just been the keys. The characters in the film felt realistic and were written well. I felt like I could relate to some of the problems the characters had.

And the ending scene was just great, I loved it. Overall it was a great film, the only part that felt forced was when Shouya escaped from the hospital right after waking up from a coma, and just happened to run into Shoko
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I enjoyed this movie as well and thought it was great

I was slightly disappointed that Shouya and Shoko didn't end up together, but then again it makes sense, and it's nice to see something different for once
Bitter sweet story that struck a cord with me but bummed out they never kissed from what I remember at least
Fuck off, secondary.

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Is she the hottest idol?
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Who's this gamete guzzler?
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Do not lewd the Mika
by over a million centigrade

So broadcast or chronological order?
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If you don't plan on watching both eventually, you don't belong here.
You should watch in broadcast order only if you're going to watch an episodea week, so you can fully appreciate E8 arc
Chronological. No....actually just E8.
For eternity.

I came for lewd, but stayed for the cute.

How can one girl be so innocent?

Any chance of any more, is the manga worth reading?
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Why must they make such innocent girls do lewd things?

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