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You should be watching anime right now.
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But nii-san I could be tellling newfags to lurk for 2 years because I did it and now if I don't make others do it, my time will have been wasted.
But I just loaded 10 GB onto a flashdrive so I could watch anime on my week-long trip.
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Do you even realize how much anime I've watched this summer? I must have seen at least 30-30 different shows.

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Her feet look great
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She is the second stumpiest seiyuu.
any relation to naoya uchida?
I wonder how they taste.

Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten.
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Where's Lilo?
she died
Some stupid shit where through contrivances, she couldn't meet up with Stitch after a long time of not seeing each other and he felt betrayed waiting for her, there's an episode where Stitch sees a little girl who looks just like Lilo but she turns out to be Lilo's daughter because many years have passed, and they finally see each other again.

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Would you date your clock?
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No, but I'd clock my date.
I'd clock her clock with my clocking clock
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i would make my own clock

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If he was supposed to be Italian, then why was he white?
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He's albino
he's from Milano

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The question on whether or not anime characters are white is one of the stupidest controversies I've ever seen. Can someone explain to me why it exists.
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why not?
Because it's another example of politics getting into places it shouldn't be

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Cool robot dude
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I don't like these new guys. I hope Jagasaki shoots them all up soon.
Who is the first hero to get shot by Jagasaki? Which hero girl gets raped by Roba first? Which gets the wood?
That's a pretty shitty looking robot.

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die you fucking faggot
I wish that was me.
You can always buy a guitar.

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This is your new assistant from now on.
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Her main job will be my dick.
What happened to my old assistant?
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i'm going to forever wonder what amaburi was really about

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>Naruto fights Kabuto
>Kabuto instantly recovers all damage and is able to summon Manda afterwards
>Naruto nearly dies because of the damage Kabuto did to his heart muscles
>I'm supposed to believe that "Naruto """defeated""" Kabuto"

what kind of retarded logic is this? even kids would see through it
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it was a victory in the sense that naruto stood his ground against an OP field medic
he still didn't win
Nobody wants to discuss your trash manga. Why can't you get with the program already?
Naruto would have been better if he didn't have the nine tails power and instead was a ninja Batman. But nooo, he has to be Jesus Superman - boring.

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Here's a question, why was this animated?

Yes it's a beautiful masterwork of craft and skill, but in what way did the medium help the storytelling? Everything could have been acted out instead and shot live action.

Try to answer something other than just "2D>3D"
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The japs are terrible actors nowadays
it was originally a manga, why shouldn't it be animated
Japs are ugly to look at

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ITT: lobotomoe
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More like autismoe.
That hardworking, pretty, smart girl who is also a great cook should have won. Fucking Nips.
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No amount of hard work can beat perfection. MC agrees don't bother him about it.

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Kuuko is for _____
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cute voice
Being stuck in a really shitty anime.
Staying dead.

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>tfw have OCD & germophobia
>tfw you find THE girl that fix you
>tfw she's bigger, stronger than you
Aoyama have superb tastes.
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Hidden gem of the season
Feel bad for stalker, though. It's tough being outclassed like that when she's so devoted.
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What is going on in this thread?

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