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>it's a shinran episode
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>movies aren't canon
>800 ep
>it's not a Kogoro episode

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What's the explanation of Dark Masters coming back in Tri?
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Gennai/Mysterious Man is making them somehow is my guess. Whatever he did, he did the same thing with Imperialdramon in movie 2.
Whats the explanation for Tri in general?

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If I am an anime and buy a 2d ecchi magazine, is it real porn then?
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If your mother's a slut, but she pays me to have sex with her... who is the real slut then?
Their magazines are 1d
>Their magazines are 1d
They clearly have both light novels and 2d manga

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Should I watch Kemono Friends?
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Watch it and make up your own mind.
Boku no Pico was better
What's so good about it anyways?

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im genuinley curious why /a/ dosent like naruto.

its not a great anime by any stretch of the imagination but its not terrible. kakashi is a funny charater and many others are good. my main complaint of the show is the power scailing.
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Because it could have been so fucking much better. Show Naruto with more dependancy issues about people that were good to him when a child, show him disillusioned with the village where people treated him like the plague instead of a monkey repeatingly doing shit for them to be "accepted". Show the fucking effects that sending children to life and death missions have in one's mind.

Don't give a fucking megazord to everyone relevant.

It was good with shit parts, but it coul've been great.
i think the worst thing is they show everyone you said in the show but not enough. its like there teasing the audiance going like " look at narutos self doubt at the waterfall" but then they dont show that again.
/a/ is not a single entity and lurk more
Plenty of people like naruto to some extent, because it was a part of so many's adolescence.
Naruto before time-skip is mostly considered to be an okay battle shonen, parts of shippuuden like Pain arc are liked as well.

Dropping it
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He agrees based Gundam is saving anime:


>“I don't really like the art style of most anime these days, the ones that appeal to otaku tastes. So that means I don't watch much modern anime. However, I try to watch things like Your Name and In This Corner of the World. That said, I really love the new Gundam: The Origin anime series
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So many acclaimed anime creators hate moeshit. When will /a/ get taste?

"Interviewer: So we're planning a page for fans who don't know you (Itano) or the original Macross.

Itano: Macross Ace (the magazine this is in) is a damned bishoujo character magazine isn't it? I call it "retarded", though. Retarded character moe magazine. I think Macross (the original) was popular because of its balance, 1/3 each of cute girls, robots, and songs. But now they say mecha won't sell, robots won't sell, so they turn it into a character-based anime AND they want the fujoshi. I hate the stench of that sort of thing and so actually don't want to be in any magazine articles related to that bullshit, but I said I'd cooperate if they let me badmouth shit and here I am.

Interviewer: I... see... (tears)

Itano: I DID watch all of Macross F. It's not fair to badmouth something without seeing it (chuckle).
So, like, there's one bit where a sniper in space mounts himself on an asteroid, right? But by doing so half his field of vision is gone. And asteroids aren't stationary so his aim is going to be really unstable. And then they use sniper rifles at point blank range? I notice this sort of stuff, you know.
It's well-drawn for a TV show and they were trying, but the relationships were half-assed and the heart of the drama is way too messy. Last time we had Minmei become a human failure, but this time it was the main character (laugh). People who like this rubbish have a totally different sense from me, so I'd really be happier if they didn't know who I was at all (laugh)."
He's not crying about moe though, he's mostly sad that mecha, robots won't sell anymore, if anything he looks more mad at fujoshit.
>So, like, there's one bit where a sniper in space mounts himself on an asteroid, right? But by doing so half his field of vision is gone. And asteroids aren't stationary so his aim is going to be really unstable.
This is such a dumb comment.

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meru meru meru meru meru meru me
meru meru meru meru meru meru me
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It would've been great if she won the bowl, just to piss off absolutely everyone.
you can't post the same thread every day!

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Chuu Chuu yeah!

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Bees Knees!
Why are Lucoas always best girl?
KyoAni did it better.

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/mu/ here passing by this shithole, Daft Punk is fucking trash.
More anime than the faggy 3DPD cancer threads.

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Has this show gotten way more confusing for anyone else?
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I'm mad that they forgot the boy that can transfer abilities exists. That would've opened up a lot more opportunities throughout the second half of the show.
Pay attention, anon.

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This is an Aztec god oppressed by pesky patriarchal societal demands. Say something nice about her!
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I want to take a nap while resting my head between those pillows!
Why does she dress like a redneck trucker?
Because she heard it was the latest style

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This is chapter I liked. The translation is going to be crappy though. Only spent 40 minutes in it.

> [Princess Siris trapped in Demon Castle]
> [Demons who were continued to be tortured by her decided to come up with a plan]
>‘Demon Castle Plan to make princess more like a hostage!’
>[Difficult task to make her reminded of her own place. What kind of trials will princess go through!?]
> [Summary of last chapter’s events]
> No… It didn’t work…
> Ignoring princess hurts too much…
> [Plan to ignore Princess … failure]
> Hades, what you do think we should do?
> Tasogare, you…
> Hm… your hostage is too comfortable. Give her a task or labor.
> Oh… Oh‼! Hades! That’s it‼
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> From today, Demon Castle will give her tasks and without helping her!
> The deadline is one month from now… You must submit it by then!
> Chapter 64: Black Full Time Princess
> There is a lot, but if you do it every day, you can do…
> Princess?
> This… Is it work?
> ? Yes, Demon King himself gave this work…
> So…
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> Who knew I would work other than sleeping…
> If I think about it, it was always like this in the castle.
> Bunch of documents piled together like a mountain…
> Hurricane of insignificant documents waiting for approval…
> But, if it is only this much….
> I can finish in one day!
> [Demon Castle Cafeteria]
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> It’s princess
> There is the princess
> But, she feels different,…
> She is not wearing usual pajamas
> [Work mode!?]
> Ah… princess…
> What?
> Um…I heard you have tasks from Demon King
Why are you doing this here…
> I want to…work….where there are people…
> Aren’t you doing homework!
> Ah, but, she is moving her hands really fast!
> Task that Demon administration gave her, it would take one month…
> What kind of work is it!

Which nen type will be Tserriednich?
(if he still lives up to find out)
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hes a genius
I believe he will become a Transmuter

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What are your guilty pleasure anime?

pic related
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I don't have guilty pleasures because I accept who I am.
That's Stage Five, right?

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