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The greatest shonen of all time they said...
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>The greatest shonen of all time they said...
That's not Hunter X Hunter
You mean boku no hero?
you mean Jojo

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All bags subject to inspection
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Cute pervert.
>not "all sacks will be inspected"

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What kind of underwear does she wear?
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She doesn't.
How does that hair work
The best kind

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Have anime girls been aesthetically perfected at this point in your opinion?
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There may be an even higher level. We don't know yet.
To fuck? Yeah
It's probably as good as this design could be. I really like the little bottom lipstick thing thats become common place the last half decade. I like that their eyes aren't gigantic anymore, they've found a happy medium between Xbox huge and too small to be cute, just big enough to be really cute. I like the hair gradients and the abnormally pretty eyes. I like that anime girls are more rounded and less sharp. I like that body proportions in general are more rounded, cute and sexy. They've refined this design a lot over the years in a lot of little ways.

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Season 2 when?
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You must be a special kind of retarded, or just lazy and ignorant under the rock living fellow. How hard can it be to google your answers too.
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Really now?
Bit rude, this thread

Aya a cute, post pictures of her

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my waifu a cute
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My dick and the dicks of countless other faceless old men agree
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Megumin is cute. Cute!

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A new manga adaptation came out today in Sunday GX. Yes, two manga adaptations running simultaneously in different publishers with different artists illustrating it.
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still no raws, right?
Well, it's on Sunday GX. Unless raw-anon gets it out soon.
For what fucking purpose?

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Late thread due to unforeseen circumstances, but I'll compensate it with already done TL by s07195.
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"I-I'll just be out for a bit."
"Be back asap!"

"Have a good trip..."


"...He went out again. How many times has it been?"
"It's been over 10 times now, I think..."
"How busy."

"And then every time he immediately..."

"......I'm back...."
"...Comes back sorta disappointed..."
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155th Sweet: 60-minute Candy

You can't
hide anything
from Hotaru-san!!
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"It's still 4pm, huh..."
"Time's passing so slowly..."

"Argh... I mean, I don't feeling like drawing at all..."
"This is bad..."
"Huh, it's still 4pm? 4pm, huh... Jeez..."
"No wait, it might come out early..."

"Hey, Hajime-chan, was Kokonotsu-kun acting this obviously weird?"
"Well, yeah... Today he hasn't been able to calm down at all..."

"He left again."

"We're following him, Hajime-chan!"
"Huh?! I-is that okay?"

How does the little girl drop all of the wisdom?
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It'd drop my wisdom in her, if you know what I mean.
Explain further
You would help her with her homework?

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naruto season 1 op.jpg
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Fuck if I know. Evangelion, maybe?

DBGT back in the days of Kazaa in the early 00s.

I should note my connection was too shitty to even get 300mb per episode back then so I bought a collection off of ebay. I think I still have the discs somewhere. Probably going to be incredibly shitty quality

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Tell me about this semen demon, /a/.
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Is she that bitch from Air gear?
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too bad

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>called "gamers"
>is actually just another stupid misunderstanding romcom with minimal games

they really got me good
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It may be a misunderstanding romcom, but it's not a stupid one.
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>Actually picked it up for people playing games.
Guess it's my fault for just assuming the show from the title.
>called "a man"
>is actually a faggot who jerks it to cartoons aimed at teenagers and 40 years old virgins

really got me good

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Is the hate for Fate/Apocrypha largely unjustified?
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It suffers from having a shit studio, shit story and shit characters. Its shit
It's a bad LN adapted into an anime by a shit studio. At least fate:UBW had a saving grace of being adapted by ufotable, which made it watchable.
Studio is one of the worst.
Novel is nothing that great, character interactions are fun but the overall scheme is stupid and played poorly.
MCs (Jeannu + Sieg) are boring as fuck and have no reason for the audience to give a shit about them.
Shirou is there as the antagonist for stupid reasons.
It's a good time killer but nothing exceptional.

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Every thread.
I watched the OVA but the ending was too retarded.

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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
>of clock
morning koume <3

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