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Post good tsundere characters from recent years.
No overly abusive sluts.

Tomoyo was great.
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bestest girl

Hatoko shitters not allowed
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She was indeed the best but there's no need to shit on Hatoko

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Are they the cancer that is killing anime?
>flash shit that staight up disrespected Shinya Ohira's craft

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they're actually saving anime
>Shinya Ohira
Literally who?
new meme

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19 hours To go.
Movie is going to be 70 minutes long.
Are you ready to see Togo being gay for Gin instead of Yuuna?
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>Are you ready to see Togo being gay for Gin instead of Yuuna?
is this thread about Yuki Wants to be a Hero? Is the new movie a continuation of the anime?
Opposite, its the prequel.

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An new chapter of Elf can't diet with little to no added elf.
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Weird that these obviously non-japanese don't seem to have any problems with immigration or visas.
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Why did this series become so popular? Is it really that good?
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I don't know. I've marathoned the first 20 seconds of the first episode and so far I'm not impressed.
Because it was in the same magazine as Dragon Ball and Slam Dunk.

But I believe you mean recently, which is because it has an obnoxious meme fanbase.
It's different. Less about power levels, more about powers. Different settings make for condensed stories without worrying about being stale.

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Why wasn't this show more popular?It was tense, it criticised capitalism and the futility of the struggle between the proles and the bourgeois, it should have had more of an impact...
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The noses. No, really. The noses.
>Why wasn't this show more popular?

Are you actually fucking high?
Nobody fucking watches anime for deep thoughts and meaning you mongoloid.

It's all about tits, asses and cute girls (occasionally about boys dressing as cute girls).

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Is there yet a word for this down hair on usually up do?

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You're Kyousuke. What would you do if you were in his place throughout the anime?
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Exactly the same. Shipperfags and self-inserts are shit.
Befriend then bed the big bespectacled babe with the bodacious bank account, Saori.
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Bed Ruri like my life depended on it.

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Begone, vile succubi
Demons are scum.
Mistress, Wife

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If you hate this pairing, explain why. If you like this pairing, explain why it would even be good when the two have nothing in common.
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Only normal people in the show
Shipping is cancer.
No exceptions.
>If you like this pairing, explain why it would even be good when the two have nothing in common.
It's a deeply metaphysical concept that is pulled from that story. A mystery of growth and self consciousness.

He likes a fake relationship at the beginning and obsesses over it. He is the ruler, the god of that world. Nothing can distress him, nothing can challenge him.
Real relationship is best expressed by something so real that he can't comprehend it.

Of course, this means that he must conquer himself. He also can't simply have a go at her and forget about it.

She's the fruit in the garden of eden.

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So next week is the last episode?
About time, fuck Pierrot.

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Volume 2 of lolibaba goodness is coming out in two weeks.

You are excited, right?
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Nope. Fake lolis are garbage.
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My DICK is ready.

Where are you at, STALKER? The time is nigh.

Are you re-reading it now that it's being translated by viz?

The localization is pretty good.
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Once is enough.

As to why, I'm not about to pour out my heart on 4chan. Not now, not ever
I have the books but I haven't been reading them yet due to classes.

I've read the series twice, I'm not exactly too eager to return to it even so.
Does this manga get better when punpun reaches adulthood?

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naruto, bleach, one piece
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This one looks cool. What's it called?

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What's the matter kid, too deep for you? Maybe you should stick with something you can actually understand, a baby anime, like Lucky Star.

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