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Why do Japanese male protags resist beautiful girls when the females are hungry for some action.
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because he doesnt want to be dicked
Cause the girls always do it when they have TV cameras pointed at them and the guys are too embarassed to show their dicks on TV, man.
Its part of the wish fulfillment fantasy for otaku, having enough girls into you that you can afford to be choosy and reject them until the time is right.

Sakurba-senpai has no right being this sexy.

Also v21 was fully translated a day ago.
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Guess Yurika is needed to start anything around here.
Which anime is ended at the LN?

Volume 10 Cover is out. How pathetic.
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Honestly for a weekly series you cunts shit on tg way too much. Yes it has flaws but there are very few mangas to have such quality level of writing foreshadowing and other little details on a consistent basis.
How is this pathetic ?
TG was pretty good. re is a mess.
I do not like the parts where it shits on previous developments and make them look lame in retrospect.

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Tob/a/cco Tuesday is here
New episode of ACCA is today
What do you prefer? Cigarettes or cakes?
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I think the choice is obvious.
Stop trying to make this a cancerous general.

Am I the only one who enjoyed the ending?
It was out of left field, but I still liked it

I wish that they expanded on the Gantz man, he seemed like an interesting character

Also, what the fuck were the vampires? A dissolved plot line?
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You've got garbage tastes then. The last part of katastrophe and the ending were the worst thing ever and an insult to the rest of the series.
Holy shit your right. What the fuck happend to the vampires.
>It was out of left field, but I still liked it
People having such a disgusting taste is a crime in my country.

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Why are musclegirls so incredibly rare in anime/manga?
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Because the muscularity and how it is inevitably displayed along with downplayed feminine charms = masculinity. Even going so far as to be masculine when it comes to sexuality.

When that happens, no one likes them save for lesbians, thirsty jailhouse dyke chicks, and queer dudes.

And the fans of them make up not even a tiny portion of the animu and manga loving public.

This is how it is in every country on the earth. So swole chicks are literally a sub niche. Even below effiminate faggots. Which isn't surprising when you remember how much of media is controlled by gays.
coz japan is still in like the slave era. women stay home with the kids and the men work.
because that shit's fucking gross

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So, with all the CR drama I was wondering
I know HS use CR subs but they do their own encodes or use CR video too?
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They use CR video. But because they grab the videos immediately after release, and since CR downgrade the quality of their videos after 24 hours, HS rips are better quality forever.

>paying for a CR subscription
No issues then

Of course, CR video quality prior to their downgrading suffers from issues. There are groups out there that take CR/Funi/HS subs and stick them on higher quality video, though I don't know there's anyone who does that for everything they put out.

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Thanks to initial D, I decided to take up driving
Wheelpower on the fastlane!
Wheelpower's by my side tonight!
The dark is all around me, but I don't feel alone!
I wanted to see more Toyota Supra in action.

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Top 10 Completed Manga People Want to Receive an Anime Adaptation

1.Sesuji wo Pin! to ~Shikakō Kyōgi Dance-bu e Yōkoso~by

2.Takuma Yokota Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundamby Yoshiyuki Tomino,Yūichi Hasegawa

3.Karakuri CircusbyKazuhiro Fujita

4.Yandere KanojobyShinobi

5.PsyrenbyToshiaki Iwashiro

6.Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural InvestigationbyYoshiyuki Nishi

7.Tonari no Kashiwagi-sa byKinusa Shimotsuki

8.Kodoku no GourmetbyMasayuki Kusumi,Jiro Taniguchi

9.M×0byYasuhiro Kano

10.Soul Catcher(s)by Hideo Shinkai
Top 10 Incomplete Manga People Want to Receive an Anime Adaptation

1.Karakai Jōzu no Takagi-sanby Sōichirō Yamamoto

2.Delicious in DungeonbyRyōko Kui

3.Mr. Nietzsche in the Convenience Storeby Hashimoto,Matsukoma

4.Kono Oto Tomare!byAmyū

5.Oresama TeacherbyIzumi Tsubaki

6.Yotsuba&!byKiyohiko Azuma

7.Grand BluebyKenji Inoue,Kimitake Yoshioka

8.Cells at Work!byAkane Shimizu

9.The Promised Neverlandby Kaiu Shirai, Posuka Demizu

10.Rengoku ni WaraubyKemuri Karakara
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>7.Grand BluebyKenji Inoue,Kimitake Yoshioka
Isn't the author said there won't be one because it promoting drinking or something?
Though I only heard that from here and never seen any sources.
I love the art, but the manga is straight up trash.
>Cells at Work! by Akane Shimizu
That would be really fun.

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Gentlemen, let's have a serious and civilized discussion.
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Painted toenails, yes or no?
Me on top left
Vanilla with great characterization.

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Cooking is so fun
Cooking is so fun
Now it's time to take a break and see what we have done
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Just buy a frozen meal.
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What's in the pan, Chiyo-chan?

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ITT: Girls who would enjoy a trip to Mexico.
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Why isn't Zero no Tsukaima as popular and relevant now as it was during the late 2000s?
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it's garbage
Why do people think acting like a complete retard is a good way to start a thread?

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>raising a daughter so you can marry her
Is he a evil man?
He looks evil and his actions are manipulative
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Except that's not what he did at all? Rin is just a huge slut.
What if the whole story is from Daikichis point of view and he's an unreliable narrator
This is what normalfags actually believe

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Try to find a bigger pussy then this guy

I fucking dare you
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No I can't do that. I'm not good enough for that ... I'm sorry, but I just can't ... please forgive me. I'm so sorry... ;_;
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I'm pretty sure she spent more proportional screen time crying than any other anime character in existence.

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