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3x3 Thread
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Name of top mid?
it's a 3 minute short
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Hello friends

I'm curious OP, how often in the past 2 weeks have you changed up your 3x3?

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Who's seen/seeing it tonight?
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Just came from the Portsmouth showing.

Good overall, but fatal pacing errors. Nice visual direction, characters were well developed, BGM was hit and miss. Would've worked better as a series in my opinion (and still done by KyoAni).
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Kimi no na wa is better.
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It happened!
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The first person Isshei has sex with was Akeno. What a surprise.
paizuri isnt sex

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Just what is Karen thinking? That's her own brother she's trying to seduce!
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because nision ision is a dumb perverted hack
I would want Ararararagi's Araragi and I am male
She's just a kid. She recently (like maybe a year or so ago) realized men stare at her tits. This annoys her greatly, because she has rather large breasts which tend to get in the way of her athletic goals as it is. Now she's becomming more and more self-conscious about her body and learning what it's like to be a woman and so she's just a little confused. For some reason she thinks that maybe her brother would be into looking at her boobs, because she already thinks it's weird that guys do that and she chalks up her own disgust to the idea that her brother would look at her boobs like unrelated men on the street to that inition disgust.

ITT the exact moments you knew an anime would be complete and total trash
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still better than maidragon
As soon as that ugly blonde slut appeared
Mai was the only good thing about this show though.

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>Currently a heavily-depressed NEET
>See everyone on /a/ talking about this show
>Look it up, it's about a NEET who dies, is sent to a fantasy RPG world, and ends up with a party of beautiful women

So is this show actually good escapism, or will watching it just make me want to kill myself more?
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>Kazuma isn't a self-insert they said
>Konosuba isn't wish fulfillment they said
The last episode will definitely make you kill yourself, yes
>here's my life story, will I like this show?
>also I'm completely unfamiliar with the concept of isekai about NEETs
Fuck off.

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m0257 copy_em2j7e8u430.jpg
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A slice of everyone this chapter.
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She's back
Yes! I missed my wife Hibari, she was gone for like 3 weeks!
I'll be disappointed if she still wearing blue stockings with that santa outfit

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Do you like candy, /a/?
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I do. But my parents taught me well to not trust people drawn in that art style.
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Can I cum down your throat, Hotaru?
No. When I buy candy I can't stop eating the bag in one eating and I'm left graving more and sometimes my stomach gets sick.

I haven't bought candy in a while.

Would Wiz be a good mother? Could liches even get pregnant?
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I guess I will never know if liches can get pregnant
She is indeed the motherly type. Birth-giving one is another matter.

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Why so lolis like classic rock?
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They don't, they just pretend to so they can lure us into dark alleys and rape us.

Stay safe anon.
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cute anime pic 1039.jpg
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lolis prefer electronic music
Remember that if a Loli offers you beer and bbq in her van it is a trap, sincr they cannot buy booze.

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Why is McDonald's so popular in anime?
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Because they don't have Whataburger in Japan.
Those poor bastards
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Usually there are fake brands but many of which represent the iconic M shape. They aren't actually allowed to use the logo without permission are they?

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Is there a stonger battle shounen verse?
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Nardo fights are much better when they're not kaiju heavy.
Maybe Saint Seiya

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Which one, /a/?
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>for the rest of your life
That just means you're going to get a visit by truck-kun around the time you graduate high school.
Worth it

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It's been 15 years since this show came out.
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sheeeeeeeeeeeeiiiit mane
i'm still waiting for the 14th LN
i meant 12th

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Summoning not-Korean bro
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