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New Gleipnir is out.
Rip cat loli
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>Rip cat loli

>sasuke tier kid with uber powers
Where can you find raws? I want to skip ahead a few chapters

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We're back
Misuzu is still might be the victim of a sexual assault
Fun times
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I really hope Tanabe comes and saves her and so she smiles for him.
I want to _____ a Misuzu!
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Wow, maybe Tomo could have easily beaten them

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Well /a/, I'm finally about to watch the start of Steins;Gate...What should I expect?

How far in should I be able to tell if this isn't for me, or not?
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24 episodes
You can expect one of ( if not) the best Sci fi series ever
Why would you save that picture if you havent seen it. DELETE THIS

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rate & berate
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not much to criticize, except I can tell you stay safely in your contemporary bubble.
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Well if you're that desperate for a 3x3 thread ellipsis
Every time you post yours I want to vomit.

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In before ledditors claiming this isn't the greatest anime of all time
Maid Dragon is airing right now.
In before ledditors claiming this is the greatest anime of all time.

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Are you narcissist enough to create a genderbent clone of yourself to marry and have children with?
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Hell no. I know I'm an asshole.
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At this point this is the only way to avoid falling into depravity

What makes this series so stellar?

Why can't other anime even compete?
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The author is a woman and women make everything great.
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Our goddess, Aqua.
Because its the best anime of the decade

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>Not New Game! +
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This is now a Nene thread.
Post Nene.
Why are Nene posters so annoying
They're ironic anime fans that use Nene avatars on their steam accounts

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ITT: manga that you found instrumental to your process of self-discovery and self-overcoming
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I only wish I had read it when I was still a teen.
the first footjob doujin i read
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I''S and Great Teacher Onizuka.
I read them when I was in highschool

GTO blew me away as a kid.

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Is it good?
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The girls were cute (but let's be honest, when aren't they these days) but the rest was unadulterated dogshit.
Really? All theaters or just selected ones?
animation is good, the story is complete trash. They characters are underdeveloped even the 2 main characters. But my biggest gripe is how the heroine talks and falls in love with the protagonist within a year after he caused bullying to the point in which she contemplated suicide.

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When will they announce Nagi no Asukara S2?
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cruel twisted smile (miuna).png
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its the year of miracles, it should get announced by October!
okada can't keep getting away with not writing s2

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She is an unremarkable director.
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Then how does she repeatedly turn dogshit source into pure gold?
Fucking who?
Who is she?

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Is there anything Kanna won't eat?
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My semen.
first you got to eat it yourself, then she can eat you

So what was Okabe's "special technique" that all the S;G girls talked about? All I know is it made Kurisu blush.
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I'm guessing it was something lewd, and kurisu wanted it in her pudding.
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WHERE IS THE rest of the story, don't 0 ends abruptly as hell and not much actually happens in it, LINTALHO?

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Worth it?
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It starts fun, then goes to shit over the course of volumes, then loses it's mind when the moon children are introduced.

The start was a bit rough because the MC gets trashed pretty hard and I really felt for him. But once he starts doing emblem battles the series comes into it's own. Shame it never fulfills it's promise and introduces stands later on.

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