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Knight's & Magic PV1
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So it's 8bit


>A young man from Japan passed away after a traffic accident. His soul was reincarnated in an alternate world into the body of a pretty young boy Ernesti Erchevalier with his memories intact. Influenced by his hobby from his previous life, Eru is a 'robot nerd' in this life too. He meets the giant humanoid battle robots in this world -- Silhouette Knights. The elated Eru started a series of plans in order to pilot the robots. He drags his childhood friend in this world along as he messes around in this world to satisfy his desire for robots.

Welp, again.
Love a nice cute girl pilot

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He says he hates lolicons in that famous quote, but is he just trying to deflect attention from the fact that he's obsessed with little girls?
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He's an
-Aggressive contrarian (semi-justified)
-Hates other people (justified)
Yes and Takahata wants to fug tanuki.
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Is Kabaru a boss or what?
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How will Laius' party fare in the same situation?
Really make you think. Is this guy so strong and still loss like a bitch agaisntmonster that liaus and friends were able to beat easily, then how string is liaus.
They wouldn't TKO the thieves. That was ice fucking cold.

Kabru may be a better fighter than Laius, but Laius is the better adventurer.

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What are you working on?
What do you need help with?
What are you being a lazy shit and not working on?
What do you wish got picked up?

Also EBJ had a complete interface makeover, so the rippers don't work anymore
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>What are you being a lazy shit and not working on?
>Also EBJ had a complete interface makeover, so the rippers don't work anymore
Fuck and I had just gotten the old one fixed.
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Does anyone know the canvas method of ripping from ebookjapan? I'm about to buy some magazines and the thread that had the info on it is gone now.

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Translations have completely caught up, so now seems like a good time for a Blood Sign thread.
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>Blood Sign
Literally what?
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Urban fantasy LN involving summoners and an omnipotent, unkillable, yandere ex-girlfriend.
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I'm on volume 4. I was kind of on the fence with this one but the end of volume 3 convinced me. The White Queen is totally sick in the head and I love it.

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What's the point of Sakura if Mashu exists?

She is what Sakura should have been but failed miserably at.
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>using a darling like Mashu as cheap bait
Please stop.
An inferior product exists so you can truly see how good the superior one is. It's a necessary evil.

Did everyone drop this yet?
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Holding on for Eizen
They've abandoned Eizen.
They've passed Reyfalke.
If they're going for the "700 year nap" for Sorey ending Eizen is definitely not going to be shown.
At the very most Edna will have an epilogue line saying she's with her onii-chan now.
Waiting for Velvet to show up and crash this plane with no survivors.

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Don't look up our skirts, anon
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S3 never
Ah, so that's why Kyon fell down the stairs.
If she didn't want people taking pictures of her pantsu she shouldn't have gone outside the kitchen.

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What a shitty animu
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I agree but you're still a faggot.
Me on the left.
And what would "this" be?

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Kimi no Na wa thread.

Does /a/ like it? Or are they contrarian because it's popular?
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I like it but it's not perfect.
Even the direction emphasizes this.
go back to MAL faggot
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I like Mitsuha

Do you think he would like little witch academia?
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Yes, why not? My mom likes SD and LWA. She's 62 years old
The legend
No. Older people tend to be more into sci-fi.

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She's looking at you, Say something!
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Do you have a minute.

Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour?
Impregnate Rorona
I pooped..

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will furry grill survive?
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left or right?
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Disregard sluts, go plant bomb.
Plant A

V12 illustrations leaked. Comfort Megumi, her date didn't show up.
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Tomoya backstabbed Megumi and went professional.
Eriri is looking good.

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