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Why is sports the best genre for anime/manga?
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I said "why"
> no eyeshield 21

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The anime Renaissance has come and gone without so much as a shitpost to show for it. Joshiraku was a modern attempt at recreating the golden years of anime from the late 1980s to the early 1990s. The raw intelligence required of the viewer to efficiently parse the cultural and societal phenomenon is unparalleled in any other form of media. Lucky Star was a close second to Joshiraku but it lacked the zest to really exhibit any sort of staying power. Much like Aya Hirano's career which ended with Haruhi and was sadly reanimated for Parasyte, Joshiraku's lack of viewerbase is largely representative of the "modern anime viewer"; this is demonstrated by their inability to grasp basic social cues and other directing anomalies. The fansubbing community has done a dishonor to this show by leaving it to the clutches of [gg], which by some terrible stroke of luck, have managed to improve the series with localized meme subs. As a result, you have a bunch of armchaired weeaboos, both mentally and physically crippled, who don't know the first thing about Japan talking as if they are the authority on the subject. These are the people you share this board with, the very same people you have intellectual discussion with about the anime industry with every day are parading around as if they're Ken-sama. Mescaline ain't shit, I'm going to work. I'm getting paid to get high. I don't know what the fuck I'm doing but I'm glad I lied on my resume.
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toasting in epic bread
reads like a pasta but the mention of parasyte means it's at least somewhat recent
This is not a pasta, these are my genuine thoughts. Check the archives and see if you can find anything close to this.

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Why is she so lewd?
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awkeye told her she's gonna get raped eventually, so she's saving time and valuable cloth fabric.
What will happen if that mask is removed?
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Okay, so we can assume Tsuyu, Ochako, and Kirishma are all receiving internship training. While Bakugou, and Todoroki are still catching up. Which means they are going to be involved in the next major arc.


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>Oh boy, a new fantasy-aesthetic mecha anime with a cute female MC, I can't wa-
>it's isekai
>and the mecha are 3DCGI
>and the MC is a trap
Fucking Japan, tricked me again.
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>MC is a trap
What's wrong with it?
Pick any two and it could be a great show, but that's a dastardly whole package
Who's the target audience for this type of character?

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This card has fused a bond with my heart, I simply could not sell it to you.
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Sell me your heart as well

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itt: nostalgic EDs
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Please explain why do you love her.
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I only like her loli forms.
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I love the extremely intimate but nonsexual relationship she has with araragi. That shit is awesome as fuck to me

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Friendly reminder that this was ONLY 10 episodes
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The wrong girl won in the LN.
You can stop making threads.
Which one?
I actually don't remember. Just not the one I was rooting for.

Probably that dog girl what'sherface. Chocolat or whatever.

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place girls in the right places
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Your mum top right.
That's not an insult.
I think the X axis should be "how physically slutty/pure they appear". Y axis should be "how slutty/pure they act"

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Pretty much
Bleach didn't turn into a shitfest overnight but SS arc was when it jumped the shark
i still dont get where SS people go when they die and why children grow up in SS

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Why is /a/ so obsessed with isekai anime?
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/a/ is full of underage plebs from MAL.
It can't be helped
But MAL hates isekai.
Sheer numbers of retarded people.
As a comparisong, even /v/ very rarely has actual threads with good taste, but what you see on the surface is pure garbage.

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Chapter out by Mangastream.
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I wonder who the villain of this series is going to be.
That's one old pussy cat.
Yeah just punch a lion into a tree.

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New KyoAni LNs
>Robot Heart Update 2
>Starry Sky

Starry Sky and RHU samples if you want to read:
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Fuck, I misread it as new kyoAni anime.
Fuck you, anon.
Fuck you.

I want my romcom kyoAni anime already!
this looks hilariously shitty

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What are your opinions on Ruru?
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Worst girl.
Hot as fuck
Better tits than Mai
Great design, is the genki part of the MC.

Does anyone still remember Etotama?

Lets try to get an Etotama thread going. You can also discuss similar nekomimi/monster girl manga, like monmusu
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Moo tan got fucked over ;_;
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Desu desu~
It was a tragedy.

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