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i really like this manga.
what do you think?
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I love it. I am really into 80s japan idol stuff too, so all of these references are making me have seizures.
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In fact, I love it so much I will dump the latest chapter for this thread.
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How do we save it?
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Three more seasons
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It's fine the way it is, I don't think a huge storyline would make it a million time better.
you don't, nips wont touch it with all the gaijin pandering, kickstarter and neflix crap

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Why is she so perfect?
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She's anything but perfect.
Gotou will never love you.

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Holy shit. Okada and Nagai actually made something good for once. This was way more mature and down-to-earth than I thought it would be.
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Their best work easily.
It was bad.
How so?

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Who cares? Garbage series.
Stop making these threads

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help yourself anon kun
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no thanks I have a powerbank
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thinly veiled SZS thread?

thinly veiled SZS thread

What an amazing episode this was.
Akko and Andrew are incredibly cute together, I hope there is much more about them.
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Yeah, I came to like him this episode despite not caring on his introduction.
He was nice.

Fuck off, retard.

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I wonder how many have done it in recent years
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Are you stupid?
Most of them go to the hair salon on a regular basis. Do you have any idea what their hair styles would turn into if they didn't have it cut?
aka disgusting unfeminine degenerates who deserve death
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Fuck you, maybe I want be degenerate!

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rate the MC of the last show you watched on basedness scale from 1 (Shinji) to 10 (Ransu)

if the MC is a girl you're pathetic
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How is Rance scale 10 and Shinji scale 1?

As much of a faggot Shinji is he actually fought and did shit on his own, meanwhile you can count with one hand the times Rance defeated a mildly relevant foe by himself, his strenght is literally have stronger people do shit in his place.
>overcompensating gay man with feelings for Ricku
>a 10
>tfw pathetic

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perfect manga don't exi-
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i don't understand why are you shitposting about a manga that no one has read
You're correct

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Meanwhile in the manga


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ITT: Your top 5 favorite animu
I'll start. My top 5, in particular order are:
1. Madoka Magica
2. Fate/Zero
3. Parasyte the Maxim
4. K project
5. Future Diary

Honorable mentions:
No Game No Life
Naruto (obligatory long running shounen)
Assassination Classroom

Thoughts? How shit is my taste? What does /a/ like the most?
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Meant to say in no particular order
You sound like a gaia tier cancerous weeb.

Lurk more.
Care to elaborate? Too mainstream? Not enough critically acclaimed nonsense? It's not like Iike I chose SAO, Konosuba, Bleach and Boku no Pico

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You can choose only one.
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Why is black hair so delicious
cosplay teacher
the beauty mark never fails
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Hime, the actual gains princess.

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what a wonderful season for adorably absent-minded girls!

who's your favorite baka of this season?
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Also wrong again.
Still very wrong.

So, now that the first actors have been confirmed, are you looking foward to it? It's going to be directed after all that time anyway. How much of a downer is it that Robert Rodriguez fucking directs it instead of Cameron? Can he even do it?
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I think Rodriquez is an okay director, and as long as Cameron is still footing the bill the special effects should look decent.

Honestly, after watching Avatar I think it's better that Rodriguez directs this. I think he can do a decent job tbqh. He likes using practical effects more than CGI. Cameron has gone senile and his movies have been shit recently. He obviously enjoys diving/exploring more than making films.
>He likes using practical effects more than CGI
But he also directed some CGI-filled schlock (and CGI-filled kino, Sin City)

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