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Kumiko Happy and Kawaii.jpg
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nice moves, kumiko
was the first movie good

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Can someone explain the character development meme to me?

Why do characters HAVE to change in order to be quality characters?
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Every day, people learn more about their surroundings, the people around them, and themselves. Even in the smallest ways people can change day to day, and characters going through their own changes, big or small, makes them more realistic in a way and thus more endearing and relatable.

Conversely though, a character who is too stubborn to develop [when played against other characters who do] can also be endearing for the fact that they show an aversion to change like many people do in real life, though this only ever really pays off when they eventually do come to accept change. Otherwise, the story for them feels incomplete or pointless in the context of the story as a whole.

Because a character making the same mistake over and over again is fucking stupid
>being an ideologue
No it's not, it's good writing rather than le humanist me-me

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So he was right, right?
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He was the best character and did not deserve to be killed like that.
>last words/death wish was literally telling naruto he had the burden of looking after and being with hinata forever

yea real nice

Do Eririfags honestly believe this will become canon just because Maruto trolls in Vol. 12?
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How can a source material novel is not canon that's stupid.
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>How can a source material novel is not canon that's stupid.
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Eriri a shit. A SHIT.

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dungeon meshi 32
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Wakana Slut.png
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ITT: Sluts of their respective series
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She only wants to fuck one person, though, the one she loves.
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Biggest Whore Slut
Rin is better lover and wife

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He was a waifufaggot. He deserved everything.
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Emma loves Norman.
Who else here /ready for the Norman-gets-eaten gore scene/?
NE best ship.

Have you worshipped your goddess and queen Alisha Diphda and received her blessings of screentime, happiness and success today?
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quite happy the story is not follwing the game

game's scenario and writing was abysmal
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And here is the webm so you can gaze upon her glorious and beautiful form.
[Baba shrieking in the distance]

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This is your bed partner tonight. Say something nice.
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How the fuck did i manage to tap that holy shit.
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Chapter 15. It's time for Ace's singles match.
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chiri-chan is so cute.png
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Thanks. No full RAWs this week, I suppose?
OP is shit
When will Kaguya realize that her problems will resolve if she hooks up subject F and our guy.

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Post them
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>finally someone starting this thread with the actual pic
I thought everyone forgot about this.
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Season 2 never.
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chaika hard.gif
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Chaika was great, loved the shit out of red__ chaika

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The fact that this show exists makes me incredibly angry. The Fate/ series in general has a lot of problematic elements, but at least most of it tries to tell a proper story. This piece of shit is just pedobait garbage for the sake of pandering to pedos. Its shit.
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Good try
>what if we took a serious VN
>then, what if we took some random, unimportant side character...
>and then, what if we made her, and all her irrelevant friends lesbians
>prisma illya

a complete insult to the Fate franchise.
> problematic
go away fag this is a safe place for lolis

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have you ever loved and hated a character as much as her?
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There is nothing to hate about her.
Literally who?
i had a crush on her when I was a kid desu with you senpai

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