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Is this the "smartest" shonen series of all time?
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No, that would be Naruto. Almost all fights are very clever.
that only applies to early naruto

it eventually became about op ninja magic


Holy shit, Ishidate delivers. Masterpiece and magnum opus confirmed.
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Ishidate not just directs it - surprisingly, he and Fujino actually also were main key animators for this too.

See the difference to the hack Yamada that cant do anything right and has no actual skills.
Full Metal Secretary
More like Magnum Flopus.

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ITT: early anime crushes you had as a kid

I'll start:
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Anabel from pokemon. I cant understand why
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I would fuck her till she bleeds

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Which group do you like more?
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nico's anus
Currently, μ's.

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>That entire epilogue after limited

Yoo. Yooooo. This is not alright. I'm not ok with this development at all. How does she do it? How does Pythie turn out to be the most shitty and entertaining magical girl book after book?
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>top girl is dead
>people still watch this trash
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Nutrition: 5/5
Also, I'm aware that the current translation is fan fic tier in some of the liberties it takes but is there a list or compilation of any important plots points that he/she might have messed up?

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Machi? Does anyone need Machi?
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It's amusing because the Japanese pronunciation of "matches" sounds a lot like "machi", the name of a character in a currently airing anime whose head you edited into the opening image featuring a screenshot from another airing anime where a character is pretending to be holding matches.
Wow, look at this retard who doesn't get the joke.
I'm just pretending, jokes on you

It may be dangerous to ask that here, but I just finished seeing Monogatari, and I wonder, what the hell is going on between Gahara and Kaiki? I suppose it's just some kind of affection for nostalgia of the past, not pure and hard love
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Who wouldn't want to fuck Kaiki
>It may be dangerous to ask that here, but I just finished seeing Monogatari, and I wonder, what the hell is going on between Gahara and Kaiki?
Nothing. Kaiki is celibate for a dead woman.
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who knows

why does naruto filler have better art and animation than everything else airing right now?
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Fuck off Narutards
nigger it's the penultimate episode of the show and an adaptation of a canon LN story.
The series is ending and also SP are massive Hinatafags.

Akane is the best girl, objectively.
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That's a strange way to spell Ukyo.
Prove me wrong.

Sai won.
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Why do nips do this? It makes every character look significantly worse.

You have been conditioned to like a simple line over superior DSL.

That's normal coloured lipstick you dumbass.
Not even like dark red or black.

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Not everyone was the best GJ-bu. Only Shion.
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I agree, anon.
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All GJ are best GJ
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I know the rules, but it's been long enough.

Will Fuuka follow the manga or or will it be getting an anime exclusive ending? I want to see this Truck-san everyone keeps talking about.
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You came late to the party, truck kun failed us

Anon born February 1999 here with a question to older anons.
To me, anime from the 1990s looks REALLY fucking old. 1990, 1999, it's all the same to me.
Does 90s anime look less old to you guys? Does your brain process it in a different way visually speaking since you grew up with shows like this and normalized it?
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Guaranteed replies
I hope so, I didn't make the thread to be ignored!
I don't even care if this is bait. Digitally produced anime is a thing of the 00s, and that is your big difference. 00s onward have a much cleaner look, and with the passing of time you can see more use of layered effects (I swear some studios are addicted to Adobe After Effects) and filtered photographs for backgrounds.

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shit chapter
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"genius of her class"
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Who are your top 5 voice actors?
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In no particular order aside from Hayamin at 1:

Nao Touyama
The tomato
Aoi Yuuki
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Eriko Matsui
Fumi Hirano
Norio Wakamoto
Daisuke Ono
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Mamiko Noto
Saori Onishi
Tomokazu Sugita
Rie Takahashi
Yuichi Nakamura

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