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Only 3 episodes left then its back to waiting 3 months per chapter
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I expected faggotry but we has actually right you fucks
but why can't americans pronounce loli?
they never pronounce it like the loli in lolita
they always pronounce it like the loli in lolipop
for what purpose?
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Reminder that this war is only a prequel and anyone who thinks that Sonzai Ekkusu would leave Tanya alone once it's over deserves to be sent to a pillbox.
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Grantz is fucking adorable.

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Brace yourselves. We're a little over a day away from the big moment. Believe in Tsuchimikado, believe in the memes.
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Misaki a best. A BEST.
Holy shit, Tsuchianon was so based today.
Fixing the stream when he appeared and just straight up posting fap material for all of us.
Here's to a III anouncement in a few hours.

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Drinking is fun.
Dancing is fun.
What better way to spend a Friday night?
Post pics of cute anime girls dancing.

**Join the live DJs and the rest of us http://pastebin.com/JQQAXM0h**
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Dancing Ika 2.gif
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Left or right?
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Right. Retards don't count as women.
I choose the Araragi.

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She's Galko.

Say something nice to her
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Extremely attractive and also a very good person. Would make a great mom, friend, wife, grandmother. These are nice things I'd want to say to her.
Her feet smell.

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living with parents is for newfags

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Would you fuck him.jpg
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Does he deserve the hate?
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>that emo haircut

Holy shit, I forgot that he went full edge during the Chunin Exam.
More like chuuni exams
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he was just way off model in some of those frames

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kyo eyes ch863.png
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will we ever see more kyo?
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Think of a stand.

Okay got one?

Think of a way to use it to beat Purple Haze.
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born this way.gif
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We probably will but she wont fight.
Heavy Weather to vacuum out the poison.

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This is a dangerous fox youkai
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[GJM] Urara Meirochou - 10.webm
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I want to marry Kon.
Coming home from work on Friday and watching cute uraras do cute things is pure bliss

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Gangster Gastino is admiral level, calling it now.
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Gangster Gastino for next nakama.
Luffy growing back his tooth really pissed me off, it should have been a scar he was left with after this whole affair
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He is rocking the Yu-Gi-Oh! hair

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universe 12 is the best.jpg
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U1fags abstain, we all know U12 is the better universe
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Will Goku die again?
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Dragon Ball Super Animation.webm
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Let's have a general thread one week before the release of the next volume, spin-off and artbook for the sake of it.
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how cute your faggotry amuses me
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Tohka pan.jpg
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Does the Tohka that first shows up count as a retard too? She was probably too blinded by the violence around her but she was a retard.

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Marathon stream is still going, and all that's left is Railgun filler. Nagai needs some love too.
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Antiskill spinoff with Yomikawa as Team Mom soon.
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Love, games, and everything else has long since started to bore me. I don't wish to stay idle tonight so let's dance.
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yume and ako love it.png
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suck on Rin's face
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[Mezashite] Aikatsu! ‒ 128.jpg
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Yes please.
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legendary memecat.jpg
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Aikatsu and Pripara thread - home of the memecat!

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How do your parents feel about your obsession with anime girls?
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I don't live with my parents and they will never know.
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>touching a little girl's drills
Spoiler that shit. That's too lewd for this board.
Mom's dead. My dad is genuinely curious, because he's starting to get redpilled on Hollywood, so he's looking for something else.
It's just too fucking awkward to talk to people irl about nip toons.

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