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This week on Minami Kamakura Jitensha-bu:

proud American laughs at Japanese weakness while visiting Yokosuka harbor (home of the US 7th Fleet)
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Volume 7 of 9 of the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Story Time.
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>Cooking...is really fun...!
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>Constanze Perfection Edition Thread

This is what we need
>tfw no autistic witch gf

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>Jump Editor Sasaki Discusses New Rurouni Kenshin Manga in Subtitled Video



The new manga will have 5 arcs, and Kenshin is confirmed to return as the main protagonist.

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Isn't the protagonist that kid who picked up Shishio's sword?
For what purpose?

One of the things I like about Kenshin is that it feels very complete, any more is just annoying
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Why do Megumi have to be on that pose?
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That cute little bobble hat was a really good red herring. I wasn't expecting Megashima to be a walking murder tank.

Also Eizan jobs straight away to Giganigga.
Last ones standing are Soma, Erina and Tsukasa.
Rindou is actually a traitor and sabotages the match because she is chaotic neutral.

At least this is what I hope happens. If Soma is just as good as Tsukasa now without Tsukasa having a handicap (Rindou) then the series might as well be over.
Megumi a cute!
I believe Takumi/megumi can beat the loli or mohawk, Boring if they get match with the likes of Eizan after the training
I support Megumi as well. Even if they don't care for her

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No Dia, you're ugly
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Excuse yourself
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Moeka did nothing wrong
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Well technically you're correct.
What the fuck was that bitch's problem even? Everyone else was more or less normal with only a slight tinge of autism but she was a full blown autistic retard.
No family, starved for any sort of social contact or affection. Goes full retard in her pursuit of those things.

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Is nabe autistic?
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She's cute-istic.
>I do not understand fascination with sexaulizing me. Automatons are not equipped with genitalia, nor can we experience dopamine release as organics do. Our hardware ports are not recommended for entry, and will most likely lead to injury.
>The only vibrations this shell creates originates from the internal primary power core. Though its decibels would not achieve sexual release, and would only threaten my own functionality if exposed. i also calculate there is a 83.78% chance that humans exposed to the core would suffer from radiation poisoning. If you seek to stimulation, we would be happy to contact Shalltear-sama on your behalf. Our scans indicate her breeding parts as functional and she has used them 23 times in the last 24 hours.

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Now waiting for subs.
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20 minutes
V1 soon
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Will we see more of Punished Reiner in the next chapter?
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Endgame right here, brothers.
>Everyone thought Reiner would be the first shifter to die.
>He's the last one standing and only one to reach the natural end of his lifespan.
Only if it will still focus on the Marleys. They said he has to kill some Muslims together with Zeke and then end up as shifter fodder for a new warrior.

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So, now that time has passed and HYPE LA HYPE is no longer a meme, what did you think of KLK?

Also, what would a good sequel series entail?
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Literally the greatest anime of the decade. Nothing comes close.
anyway, Ryuko's life fibers futadick belongs to Mako.
It was like Guren Laggan, but with dykes, better characters and more nudity.

Clearly masterpiece.
Kill la Kill is the kind of show I love so much I am willing to ignore its shortcomings, even if there are many of them. I still rewatch it about every half a year.
While the OVA was meh it really gave closure to the story, so I don't think a sequel would be a good idea.
I hope Imaishi makes a new show soon though.

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Was there any way to defeat him with Nen techniques?
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Alluka/Nanika I guess

Just put him on one of knov's rooms.

Was it stated somewhere that Netero is the strongest hunter, not just the most high-ranked?

I believe that if all of the strong hunters introduced in the series teamed up against Meruem, they would've defeated him. Not without casualties, but they would have the upper hand most of the time.

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Welcome to the ballroom

Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pC2QZ_lv8vU&t=0s
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Did Sucy say Akko-dokkan?
sadly The Sweet are nowhere in sight- did they get blitzed?!
Where did Sucy catch that Beedrill

If you could safely witness just 1 fight in the history of the whole DB franchise, which fight would you spectate?
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Broly dominating the Z Fighters would be the only thing worth watching and I'm not even a Brolyfag.
Pic related
They should seriously run this as a Jump special spinoff.

The guidebook cover with new art new poster and interview from sayo.
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Where is Victor's other hand?
Victor sent Yuuri chocoates back for White Day, cute.
Who's been paying for Piggy's career more, sponsorships or his family? Japan treats him as an ace but he doesn't seem to be taking advantage of it. Victor I assume is rich off endorsements and shit, he seems way more popular than fagskate alone can warrant.

It's out? Translations, anyone?

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