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Yukine childhood.jpg
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She slept with thousands of guys and gals
but in all instances it was rape

Does she still count as a slut?
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Nice headcanon nerd.
And yet she's forever alone. All her friends have paired off.
Miku porking Hibiki.
Swerd porking Maria.
The dorks porking each other.
Nobody wants Used Chris.
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[adoption intensifies]

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This is Deku.
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I still have hope he'll change his hero name to something less counterproductive in the future
I kinda like the concept of him owning the name and through his actions changing the meaning of the word. Kinda like how Einstein used to mean dull stone or something and now it's synonymous with genius.

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Akane winning the Mugibowl edition.

Are you ready for 20 minutes of lesbian kissing licking and lewd hand-holding?

Are you ready for Converter-sama?
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I just want the two cousins to fuck

Cousins fucking is hot AF
starting niggas
all these dicks around me

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I've continued to wait under this frozen sky
Glimmering tears, idly shooting by
But now is the time to ride the transit and fly
Fly away, on the transit to my future
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Man. I think that was a perfect episode. The little things like Mahiru and Yozora only reading each other's articles in the magazines, Ako carefully mentioning that they'll be seen as a weak S4 if nobody beats the previous heads, showing a rival group to the ganguro girls who support Yozora. And yes, it's funny, she broke all the tiles the previous night in preparation and the other girls knew she would (I honestly think that's nice awareness on the part of the creators).

But the competition was every bit worth the buildup. These two, as sisters, have had the longest rivalry of all, with Mahiru's background being unable to beat Onee-chan in anything and her goal being to bring her down. She made a name for herself with her Stylish Girls Lesson as being unique, and is even the one called "Nee-san" now. Two things of note happened during her performance. Everyone must have noticed her new aura, but the camerawork also changed to put particular focus on her legs during a difficult part, as walking is the most important skill for a model.

Yozora sung Mirai Transit, a song about moving on towards the future and leaving behind a lesson. Mahiru's TSU-BO-MI is about breaking free from an oppressive snow and blooming for yourself. And Summer Tears Diary is about parting but staying strong and not crying. All of it was for this moment as Yozora leaves for Ital—France. Mahiru realizing it just as Yozora finishes is what made it really tragic. But do you remember? Yozora actually hinted at this in episode 31, and we weren't sure if she meant graduation or something else. I actually forgot up until the exact moment she said it. Things are really going to change now.

In the end, I'm just so happy that Mahiru was able to win. Inheriting Yozora's brand Romance Kiss was something only she could do, and I can't wait to see how she grows and what new dreams she'll find.

Also I read last thread. Screw you if you think S4 didn't all try their hardest.
Did they broadcast episode 51 or what? I see screenshots in the tag.
I think they showed the S2 PV last night.

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Precure thread
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Is precure even worth watching
Unless it distracts you from working on a cure for cancer then yes, it's not like your time is worth anything, loser.
Depends on what do you want from it.

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Welcome to Japari Park, how friendly are ya?
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So defenseless.
Is that a bucket? They're really pulling all the stops to cash in on the merch.

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Current chapter:

Is it possible that Cedar and Gastino are the same person?
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Big Mom is going down.
You idiot. Did you not see Gastino's spiky hair? It's completely different.
I don't think so. He has been introduced like Monster Gun, so it must be a legit subordinate of Gang Bege.

New episode in 18 mins.

Dorobo neko's arc is over and now it's finally back on track with Aki.
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NTR Fatman arc.
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It's about damn time.

It's not real. Besides Makabe wins and blows the fake out of the water.
fuck yes my favorite arc

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I got tired of waiting for those Utopia faggots, so I just decided to go ahead and translate chapter 244 myself. Enjoy.
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Thank you based anon. Are you gonna upload it on some reading sites ?

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New chapter is out.
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First for next crewmate
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Hear hear!
First for wet bunny nakama

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How much did you pay for that?
These threads die too fast.

it died of natural causes

last one had exactly 518 replies

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If Eldians aren't the same species as the rest of the world, and can only reproduce with other Eldians, then who exactly did Levi's mother fuck? Was Kenny lying all along? Did Kenny fuck his imouto and she gave birth to an inbred manlet?
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>inbred manlet.
>pic related
>can only reproduce with other Eldians
Since when?
S-Shut up, baka.

Grisha's dad said that, right? Or was it one of the Marleyan soldiers?

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Suddenly translations
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Title: Blessed bouquet
By: Naoto

The marriage (temp) ceremony is coming soon> It's the day to try on the dress
Shigure, you're so beautiful...!
Murasame: So you're really getting married...!
Yuudachi: So cute!
File: 04.png (958KB, 1224x1632px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Murasame: Surprise!
Shiratsuyu: This is from all of us
Shigure: Everyone...!
Yuudachi: Flowers, like, suit you well!
Murasame: It's very simple dress so flowers look really good on it
Shigure: There were so many so it was very hard to pick one
Shigure: But I thought I wouldn't look good in flashy ones so...

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Now that enough time has passed how do you really feel about Kill la Kill?
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I feel like people should make better threads about it

idk, I dropped it after 5 episodes because the plot was already veering wildly off course

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"Oi! Fuck your plans anon. Get ready, we're going on a date!".
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>implying ryuko has enough courage to ask someone on a date
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I already have a date.

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