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Childhood is when you idolize Diana

Adulthood is when you realize that the bullies makes more sense
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what kinds of fantasies do they have about each other?
She has no feminine features. Were it not for her voice we'd literally not be able to tell she was a girl. Also, her giant-ass glasses completely obscure any possibly attractive features and give her Mickey Mouse eyes, and I really should not need to tell you how important eyes are to an anime character. But the worst part isn't that her character design is unattractive; it's that it's uninteresting. Conventionally unattractive features can be appealing, just look at how many people love Sucy's baggy eyes and sickly grey skin. Lotte, on the other hand, has nothing appealing about her. She can literally be shoved into the background and no one would've guessed that she was planned to be anything but a mob character.

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>Satania drinks blood

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Best girl ranking after episode 9

Satania > Raphi > Iinchou > Tap > * > Vigne > Gabriel
Satania's satanias.
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>Loli begs you to save her.
>Grabs you by the dick.
What do?

Save loli, like All Might would have done [_]
Let villain walk away with loli because you're a coward [_]
Let villain walk away with loli because he didn't breach the NAP and you don't want to support statism by putting her in an orphanage - which must be horrible, because Vice says so (aka you're a coward and won't admit it to yourself) a-and also you would be breaching the law if you attacked Overhaul!! [_]
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Can't wait for Deku to violate the NAP
Mr. President!
[x] Acknowledge the situation as overall fucked and feel lucky that you got out of there without raising suspicion or getting anyone hurt

What if this was the U7 roster?
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They're all fucking dead
Goku, Satan and Buu aren't, they are enough

the plan
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I've been waiting for this.
ok, so what's the plan?
You mean "that"...?

ITT: Characters that are literally you
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I woke up one day and found that I was literally Koito
>Still no Konosuba doujin

What the fuck is Asanagi doing? I swear if his next work is more boat shit.

>tfw best day of the week
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What sort of experiments will they conduct on Kyouko this week?

interdimensional deepthroat
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>Aura and Mutsuki are gonna try and kill Alphaneki
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Tokyo Ghoul is really boring.
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Giving you a (You).

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Picking up where I left off last night by dumping v2 of Wombs. You can read through v1 here: >>154397550

Brief synopsis: Military sci-fi manga about two groups of extraterrestrial colonizers fighting over a planet. The hook is that less technologically advanced group is hanging on with their female soldiers who have alien organs transplanted into their wombs.

It won the Japanese Sci-Fi award last year, which isn't a manga-specific award, but judges all Japanese novels, movies, animation, and comics.
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Wombs v02 p005.png
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Wombs v02 p006.png
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Wombs v02 p007.png
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Fuck. Literally.

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>6 episodes of killing lizards

Man, I am so glad.
shalltear is bloody sexy

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Lucoa is best Goddess
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I want to protect Kanna.
mommy lucoa's penis milk

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Who is the best oppai Konosuba?
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So, why didn't she just fuck Shinji?
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Because Shinji only wants Big Angel Cock.
She has a vagina, it's up to Shinji to initiate the fucking.
Because she didn't actually want to. She's a broken retarded person that only knows how to comfort men by fucking them. The thing is Shinji is a broken little faggot that doesn't want that kind of relationship with Misato. He wants someone to be his mother.

How do you like your isekai, /a/?
Trashy skill-stealer wish-fulfillment shit?
Or how about where superior modern japanese work ethic folded 1000 times absolutely blows [other world]'s backwards caveman culture out of the water?
How about when a no-good NEET gets transported to a world suspiciously like a video game?
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Their life is still suffering, but the more acute forms of adversity cause them to rise to the challenge instead of wallowing around
Funny thing, she's the one who never has children of his wives.
>How do you like your isekai
Rayearth or muvluv tier. The main character being from the real earth is not used as a device to fulfill the power and sex fantasies of neets and hikis but as a justification for exposition and using an outsiders perspective.

Of course not being drivel meant solely to keep otaku from killing themselves for one more day automatically excludes both of those two from being labeled isekai.

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