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So, why didn't they ever try to use the Evil Containment Wave on Majin Buu?

Did everyone just have their retard hats on during the Buu Saga?
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that was during DBZ lad
also Buu saga is shit
It became out of date. Everyone forgot about it.
They only used it on Zamasu is a form of Ex Machina.

You only use Ex Machinas if you absolutely suck at writing and do something called "writing yourself into the corner."

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New chapter is out.

Let's figure out what oda is planning with this freshly introduced character.
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I feel like we've seen those gloves before.
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Ichiji when?
I want to cum inside the bunny

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Can she chug down a mug of orc semen?
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Left or right?
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Right for hug
Left for fug
I want one that's bitchy, annoying,spits in my face, steps on my dick and buys me expensive stuff.
Right, but give her hugs before and after.

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Do we still like Akko?
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We don't.
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>A-akko.. not here...
I always liked Akko

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The 4 in front of the rebel team will be the last 4 standing, screencap this.
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Fuckin' Revolver Ocelot

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I'm as snug as a nug
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Wrong pic anon
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Smiles everyone is obligated to protect.
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Why the fuck did the faggot mods delete the other thread? Tsuneki a best
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Good thing I checked one last time. And yeah what happened?

Now, what will Shouichi need to to to make this final boss type character his devoted girlfriend/wife?
Tsuneki haters were calling Ayaneru a cunt for no reason, while Tsunekifags were trolling left and right
Kill yourself, fucking son of a bitch.

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Quick! Do something before this stupid baka gets a cold!
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I want this baka to get a cold because I want her to rely on me afterwards.
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Best girl ranking after episode 9

Satania > Raphi > Iinchou > Tap > * > Vigne > Gabriel

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Come and make or request /a/rt
Old >>154315383
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Hana wearing Shielder's Dangerous Beast costume from Fate/Grand Order, but in white or pink.
Or Hana in a costume inspired by Pitz >>153734899 the blue one
Full body or less
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Boss, Nuke, and Mucha as Expendables knockoffs as Paradise City from Guns N Roses plays in the background


Patchouli in this similar position would be nice.

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Pekoms will ruin everything.
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Ichiji when?
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I guess Oda wasn't digging the missing tooth for Luffy to look more like a pirate
I wasn't too fond of it myself
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Why do Zoro and Luffy shave their legs ? Are they giant faggots ? Or did luffy not hit puberty yet ?

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Who wants some Kaguya?
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Oh shit already?
I do.
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>***,*35位/***,*43位 (**7,086 pt) [*,298予約] 2017/03/24 Konosuba
>***,*95位/***,*90位 (**1,747 pt) [*,*37予約] 2017/03/15 Maid Dragon
>***,165位/***,177位 ◎ (**1,267 pt) [*,*30予約] 2017/03/24 Gabriel Dropout
>***,181位/***,199位 ○ (**1,170 pt) [*,**3予約] 2017/03/08 Ao no Exorcist
>***,214位/***,225位 ◎ (***,632 pt) [*,**2予約] 2017/04/21 Acca13
>***,269位/***,333位 (**2,291 pt) [*,*79予約] 2017/03/24 Konosuba
>***,296位/***,288位 ◎ (**2,320 pt) [*,*85予約] 2017/04/26 Youjo Senki
>***,356位/***,366位 (**1,390 pt) [*,**2予約] 2017/03/22 Demi-chan
>***,394位/***,341位 (**1,095 pt) [*,*19予約] 2017/05/26 One Room
>***,397位/***,350位 (**1,077 pt) [*,**1予約] 2017/04/26 Gintama
>***,857位/***,766位 (**1,381 pt) [*,**5予約] 2017/04/19 Little Witch Academia
>***,891位/***,784位 (***,924 pt) [*,**1予約] 2017/05/24 Bang Dream
>***,909位/***,677位 (***,102 pt) [*,*21予約] 2017/04/21 Ai Mai Mi
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>**1,214位/**1,998位 (***,642 pt) [*,**1予約] 2017/03/22 Masamune-kun no Revenge
>**1,797位/**1,598位 (***,572 pt) [*,**4予約] 2017/04/05 Seiren
>**2,106位/**1,915位 ◎ (***,361 pt) [*,**3予約] 2017/07/28 Tales of Zestiria
>**2,167位/**1,946位 (***,711 pt) [*,**0予約] 2017/03/29 Fuuka
>**2,488位/**1,930位 ◎ (***,*69 pt) [*,**0予約] 2017/03/24 Hand Shakers
>**2,910位/**2,573位 (***,302 pt) [*,**0予約] 2017/03/29 Schoolgirls Strikers
>**3,948位/**3,665位 (***,525 pt) [*,**4予約] 2017/03/24 Urara Meirocho
>**5,191位/**4,684位 ◎ (***,*73 pt) [*,*12予約] 2017/04/04 Akiba Trip
>**5,444位/**4,886位 (***,337 pt) [*,**0予約] 2017/03/29 Kuzu no Honkai
>**6,219位/**5,511位 (***,135 pt) [*,**0予約] 2017/04/12 Minami Kamakura
>**9,450位/**7,714位 (***,204 pt) [*,**2予約] 2017/03/22 Idol Jihen
>*10,658位/**7,710位 ○ (***,198 pt) [*,**0予約] 2017/04/26 Rewrite
>*14,892位/*13,191位 (***,356 pt) [*,**3予約] 2017/03/24 Chaos Child
>*27,264位/*25,618位 (***,*84 pt) [*,**0予約] 2017/03/29 Eidlive
Hand Shakers is selling more than Urara? Fucking hell
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Anime isn't shit, they said

Do you like educational manga about healthy living? Do you like hot girls? Welcome to a manga about cute girls lifting cute weights to get huge!

Chapter 17 Raws are out!

Urasunday Publisher Raw

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Maybe bulking gyaru is considering some electronica?
File: 02.png (877KB, 960x1361px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This comic is written in AUSTRALIA! It's Winter!

QC NOTE: It's a rare Thursday I'm called in for a consult at l'Hôpital, so I won't be here to keep the thread bumped for our wonderful translator friend and eventually our esteemed typesetter bro, and I won't be able to QC until after midnight. If anyone would like to keep the thread rolling while I bounce for the next 12 hours, that'd be appreciated!!
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