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>tfw too cool for canon
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Botamo Universe 7 confirmed!!
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third for posting favorite outfits, what are yours?
I forgot to add gokus but its his end of DB one because the shirt under his gi was more black

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Didn't this recently have a 15th anniversary?
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3DS remake with wifi support when, capcom and nintendo?

>One huge remake of 1-6
>The entire thing is just one long game, enemy HP and attack are tweaked
The anime could actually use a decent remake to be honest.

Something that would follow the manga's stroryline and actually stay loyal to the characters.
>New Mega Man game

you can choose only one

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Homura is a raging lesbian with attachment issues.
Madoka pretends to have her memory erased because Homu's self loathing and submissive attitude turns her on.
Sayaka has a mild domination fetish but doesn't have the courage or know how to properly act on it.
Kyouko is submissive in bed, but she's embarrassed by it and masks this fact with fake aggression.
Mami is a literal pedophile and uses her sweets as a way of luring in lolis.
Nagisa is Mami's sex slave.

Prove me wrong.

Protip: You can't
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Jesus Christ, get a life
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>not an argument
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Save for that first one, there's no evidence to support any of that.

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We got SAO: Ordinal Scale last weekend

This weekend we are getting "In this corner of the world".

What the fug? Why are we getting so many anime films?
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Because Cinemex are weebs
Went to see In this Corner of the World, I was the only person at the screening
Good movie tho
>I was the only person at the screening

Huh? Weird, I saw lots of persons at the screening in my local theater

Did you go early?
Mexico is full of weebs because they want to forget about their awful reality.

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Volume 8 of 9 of the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Story Time.
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What the fuck?

No WHAT - THE - FUCK?!!!

Was waiting 10 episodes for her to die, it was whole selling point of the story and now they pull a tweest that can go into history of anime and is equivalent of GUILLOTINE GORILLA
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wait wat
So all those spoilers went to waste.

Suck it, mangafags.
Get fucked.

Alright, here's a a game /a/:

Post the worst-translated page you have ever seen.
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5 volumes like this and it's still ongoing right now.
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Post best boys
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"Cast your spell, anon-kun".
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leviosa dickus
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Akko belongs to Diana!

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So yeah, otter is the sexiest.
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It's an important point of order that Moose is the best Friend.

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Season 3 soon.
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Reminder that Mobileposter should be banned:
>Global rule 6: The quality of posts is extremely important to this community. Contributors are encouraged to provide *high-quality* images and *informative comments*.
>Global rule 10: No *spamming* or flooding of any kind.
>Global rule 13: Do not use avatars or *attach signatures* to your posts.
>Global rule 2: You will immediately cease and not continue to access the site if you are *under* the age of *18*
>Global rule 3: You will not post any of the following outside of /b/: Trolls, *flames*, racism, *off-topic replies*
*...* are what she is guilty for.
>they actually believe meme magic exist
How can one fanbase be so delusional?
pls delet, ur giving mobile chan more attention

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New Chapter is out


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Why did Ishida decide to kill every Washuu offscreen?
No idea.

Maybe they aren't dead like amon "died" in TG
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Where did my nigga go

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A tear slides down your cheek as you are taking a nude romantic walk on the beach thinking of a special someone when this blocks your path. What do you do?
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fuck hope.gif
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Fuck it
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>Darkness gets separated from the group
>A monster apprehends her.
>It's a sweaty stinky orc
>Darkness almost immediately submits to his will

>It's this guy

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post your favorite or not-so-favorite gifs
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Reminder that Big Mom did nothing wrong.
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She had sex at least once.
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Who will finally make him give a fuck?

Will a non-zoro/luffy strawhat ever topple an admiral?
If Luffy and Zoro were out of it who would take control of the crew?


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