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>supposed to be 12 years old

Why did they make her attractive?
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Because she's supposed to be 12 years old
looks pretty ugly to me

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Now that In This Corner Of The World is in select theaters, is it better than Your Name and is it the best anime film of 2016?

I dunno about it being better than Your Name, but at least we got a WW2 anime that is palatable and doesn't make you want to huddle in a corner or slit your wrists.
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It's much better than melodrama filled Shinkaishit, with a convoluted romance. Also, it's less a war film and more of a time period film.
It's really just about Suzu in the end.
Of course it's better than Your Name. That film is a 1/5 at best.
Fuck off OP. Don't compare that to Fumiyo's manga. They're completely different.

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Read the guide before asking any questions:


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Stop buying with your dick.
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>package in "Retention"
how long does this take? US/EMS here

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Was he a man-child?
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>want to wish world peace to holy grail
Yeah, pretty much
I mean if the Holy Grail could find the improbable answer to create permanent peace and changes space and time to do it, would it have been the right thing to do?
He didn't really need the holy grail to tell him objectively that world peace is impossible.
Could have figured it out himself

>smooth jazz starts playing
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there is not enough jazz in anime
Not smooth jazz. There is no smooth jazz in this. It's bebop, like the title says.

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Ritsu is best girl
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best tomboy
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Can we have an old waifu chart thread? Only patrician polygamist are allowed

Link with other formats:

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My Anime Harem.png
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How should imouto address her brother?
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[first syllable of name] + "-nii"

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>tfw this anime is to intelligent for me to enjoy
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Plastic nee-san is pretty okay.
I liked it.
Literally AOTY
I unironically read the manga until the artstyle went to shit.

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New chapter is out. Earlier thread with the scans died quickly, hopefully this one stays alive longer.
Updated mega folder
Don't know about the scanlation status. There were about 30something chapters translated and about 20 scanlated.
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If only the new volume that comes out next month were to sell a billion copies then we might get a new season which could mean doujins and more too. One can only dream.
So it's another chapter of nothing happens and will continue like that as long as Haruki is the protagonist. At least he is living his life correctly.
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Mutsuki will make him live his life correctly one day for real.

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Does this make you sad?
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>Grooming your perfect partner since birth
>winning in the end

Why would it make anyone sad?
It makes me sad that he ditched that poor girl for that hag.
Old hags and Christmas cakes deserve to be thrown in the trash

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>download akagi because kaiji was fun to watch
>don't know anything about mahjong so trying to watch this shit is literally impossible
How the fuck am I supposed to watch this without prior knowledge of the game?
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Just learn the basic rules of the game
You don't. Mahjong isn't hard to learn.
I didn't know mahjong before I watched Akagi and still loved it. It was even better the second time I watched it after having learned the basics of mahjong.

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Las thread got hakai'd
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Don't purge us, mods. Pretty please.
The fuck did you ningens do?
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Woop woop
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[Title is 'Asking for too much']

Winter has arrived
"So for Winter Comiket,"
"Can Kurihara-san come with us again?"

"Sure, but..."
"I told her it was a bad idea, okay?"
"But she still wants to come..."
"Hooh, what a shitty explanation"

Comiket with a girlfriend...
Yamane-dono's now a normalfag, huh.
Well, I'll just enjoy it by myself...

"Ya talkin' bout otaku stuff again?"
Country girl is best girl.
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"Ah!! Is that it!?"
"Is it that comiket thingy?"
"My Kansai bud wanted to go"
"Maan, sounds like so much fun!!"

"Wh...why are you interested?"
"Don't tell me you want to go t..."

"Oh hell nah!!"
"That's an otaku thing, right?"
"I ain't interested in that stuff!!"


"You have plans for winter?"
"I got Christmas"
"We're all gonna have a party, right?"

Party, huh...
Well, of course
[Side] With Chiba-chan and Mai-chan...
Enomoto-dono is a party girl, after all.
There's no way she'd want to go to Comiket...

Hey, wait.
What am I looking forward to here?
If she came, she'd be just a bother.
There won't be any flags like Yamane-dono...

"But as for d' New Year"
"I got nothin' to do"

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ITT favorite anime of the year
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>pripri and MiA slowing slamming on the breaks
>Mahou Tsukai ep 3/3 not due for a month
>18if is holding steady but was never great to begin with

Welp. So much for this season.
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>"B-b-but it's just some boy screaming all alone at a train!"

No shit you dumb sluts but let me tell you why this is fucking art. Tsuki Ga Kirei, most will tell you, is a quiter anime than most. There's no "NANIIII?!!?" or shrieking over comedy hijinks. Characters speak normal and softly, our two main characters even more than others. The entire premise is these two introverted kids stumbling through life and into romance, not sure what the fuck they're really doing. At most they'll mumble some encouragements to each other, at worst sit beside each other in silence. Of course they open to one another over the course of the series, but it's all still little steps forward, like poking your toe into a river to check the temperature.

So then the ending happens. It's over. He's already missed his chance, the train is gone, his first love shooting off to someplace without even a goodbye. But he doesn't give up. Instead he runs his ass off to some stupid outlook next to where the train passes by, and to do what?

To fucking SCREAM. This introverted quiet young boy, who had spent the past 12 episodes slowly putting one foot forward in front of the other, mumbling his way through a relationship, standing in silence confused when the girl he loved cried, suddenly just shouts at the top of his lungs.

That was the change right there. He was no longer that confused timid boy, unsure of what love or growing up was. He had become a man, and he was going to chase the girl he loved to the ends of the earth and time itself.

Fuck it I'm crying again fuck you people. I just finished this anime and had to type something out.
/a/ complaining about Tsuki ga Kirei having an on-screen unambiguously happy ending instead of ambiguous shit disgusts me to not end.

Faggots, all of you

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