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You're favorite anime.
Hibike Euphonium
Ping Pong
Shinseki Yori
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Would /a/ watch a harem full of disabled girls?
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I would disable them myself.
So like a katawa shoujo?
Depends, is the show good?

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So let us deal with the most important question first of all;
if stain has no nose, how does he smell?
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Probably pretty , he is an insane murderous hobo
Stain cut his face because Hobo Man broke his mask? That was lame as shit.
No he cut his nose off out of 'enligtenment' of what heroes truly are and to give himself a reminder of his resolve

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Is this one of those movies I shouldn't watch? I feel like knowing what her voice sounds like will ruin the manga for me. Can anyone confirm?
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The manga doesn't matter at all.
She has a cute voice actually
The movie is really well produced and only 2 hours long.
Watch it and be done with it.
The manga has some nice moments but isn't much better, really.

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Can slip beat accelerator?
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Why pick him? Accelerator isn't even in the top 10 most powerful characters in his own series.
Because no one has heard of the other 9

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What's wrong with Jabami Yumeko? No matter how you look at it, she has a screw loose!
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Who cares?
She's fucking hot!
Nothing's wrong with her, she's perfect! Hell, she loves HEADPATS!
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and that's bad because?

these uniforms are too _____
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I wanna chapel Sistine!

This show is highly abstract but this last episode was something else entirely. Nevermind the style and narration, the structure didn't even follow that of prior episodes, either.

What the fuck happened? Who was the witch, even?

This is the weirdest stuff to air since Trapeze and nobody is watching it.
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I was confused by the lack of narrative cohesion. The hospital ending seemed to make no sense when compared with the story presented. Best I can figure, the witch was the girl from the story, even if it seemed to follow the fat king. She had two close and personal friends, who built there own "kingdom" or personal world together. However, the fat one, who felt like he was the centerpiece, ie the king, felt betrayed when his friend NTRed him. After that he somehow is responsible for his death, leading to the current dynamic. The girl seemed to be a huge fan of fairytales, hinted by the book in her hospital room. Now my main problem with this is that it doesn't explain why the prince was the focus of the episode, or what the nuke seemed to represent. Still, found this to be an interesting episode, probably the second best so far.
Thread theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5vcu-43j-0
We had a huge discussion,I hope this archive link work


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Has there every been a series that wasted it's potential this hard?
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Same studio, like two seasons earlier.
Three eps in it takes a real fat shit like most others. Let's see if it at least pulls it together for a good ending.
I don't know I think its exceeded its potential. last episode was dull but that's one dud out against seven good ones.

The fuck was her problem?
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Glasses loli in shitty series.
It's a tragedy is what it is.

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What was his problem?
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he went insane cause of his baby dick
Excessive edge.
while HNK2 wasn't bad as everyone said it would be, it definitely had terrible execution for a lot of the points
>source star
>celestial empress
>falco on asura land
>fucking jukei.
>lapis lazuli fist

but I still had the feels from these arcs

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Is Roba-chan /ourguy/?
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There has never been a character more /a/ than rob/a/
He's like Kumagawa but more rapey.
I'm not a camfag so no

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I want to be like him when I grow up
Is there any girl in this that's not a slut?

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The new chapter will be out on batoto in about 5 to 7 hours, what can we expect?
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You know hwat, I actually think Kira is pretty handsome.
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Post your most inspirational anime quotes
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I thirst for a LOGH thread.
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