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Katanagatari totally ripped off the Kenshin OVAs. How did they release this blatant ripoff?
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Nobody cares.
Kenshin OVAs totally ripped off the Kenshin manga
I do

really, is there any point in watching anime once you've seen this? Can any show, past, present OR future hope to even hold a candle to its greatness?
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Evangelion is boring overrated garbage. Stop fucking praising it and Miyazaki's shitty movies so much.
There's some stuff it doesn't do or doesn't focus on enough so you can watch other shows who do those things and focus on them.
You don't get cool space adventures in NGE for example.
>01 travels through space after EoE ends
I'm gonna be perfectly honest with you.


The only anime I'm able to watch after Eva are ecchi-moe garbage, in order to fap.

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I've recently gotten into Di Gi Charat and stumbled upon this garbage:
>Shitty animation
>Completely different premise
>New characters and settings I don't care about

It's like the new PPG in anime form. Why does this keep happening?
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That's a nice opening though.
I never watched Di Gi Charat, I only know it's related to Galaxy Angel by virtue of it being the same creators.
Oh yeah, same thing happened to Galaxy Angel too though.
That's when I left out the boat. Original DiGi Charat and season OVAs were great but DiGi Charat Nyo ruined everything moving the setting out of Akihabara.
Di Gi Charat is a precious example of what a mind-numbing anime must be. I'm really bitter that they changed anything about it. It was perfect the way it was.

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What the fuck is his problem?
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absolutely nothing at all. he tries to help people. they just take advantage of his kindness and thusly, get fucked.
This anime doesn't sit right with me. Usually in Monkey's Paw type stories, the person is responsible for their own downfall with the devil's deal just being the catalyst. But in this story it feels like Mogruo is targeting vulnerable people and setting them up to fail.
Because that's exactly what he does and enjoys doing.

It's not supposed to sit right with you.

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Does every Slice of Life with 4 lead characters follow this?
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No, but good try.
Reddit really loves their jpeg compression.
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Boomhauer: Natsumi
Hank: Renge
Bill: Hotaru
Dale: Komari-chan


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Wait a minute.

Are you fucking kidding me /a/

Ive been reading 80 chapters of this garbage just to found out the secret to the world outside the walls is litterly

This is now going to devolve into
>group a is evil and disgusting, look how they had this little girl be eaten by dogs.
>group B are just oppressed good boys,they just tryna live their titan lives n shieeet, the marleys are litterly JUST HITLER

This whole series might as well go down the fucking trash, idk what the in the fuck the writer was thinking when he decided on the backstory for all this but this is just disapointing and shit.
>just read the manga bro
fuck you fags
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Do you have a single person in your life that doesn't have to feign interest in what you have to say out of pity?
Don't worry both factions are Evil
Isayama wanted an Oscar for the live adaptation of his work.

>Can reset time but forgets like everyone else
>does it anyway
>knows the specific limits to this utterly useless power
>is sad and autistic
Why does /a/ like this again?
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no one on /a/ likes this anymore than anyone on /a/ likes glasslip
the ED is really fucking good though.
Epic meme.

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K-on college never happening edition.
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When will best girls ever go to to budokan?
Which k-on would you fuck?
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This is the best K-On! song

For all its praise, I've gotten nothing out of this anime after 10 episodes. The characters' backstory are repetitive and predictable, the jokes are predictable and generic, the tone shifts happen far too often and in some cases -- in the worst possible moments.

Its only redeeming qualities aren't even unique redeeming qualities; its the fucking animation, art and music.

Convince me why I shouldn't just rewatch Hunter x Hunter for the 22nd time over this steaming pile of shit.
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>Convince me why I shouldn't just rewatch Hunter x Hunter for the 22nd time over this steaming pile of shit
Convince me why I should bother doing that?
I get the vague feeling you aren't enjoying FMA, so just don't watch it. You don't need to seek affirmation from /a/ every time you don't enjoy something.
If you don't enjoy stop. I'd say you watch at least the first 14~15 episodes so you are up to date with the memes.
it does start slowly but i say you should still watch it
let him spend hours of his life on things he doesn't like, you faggot

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What did you think of Re:Creators? I think we've got our potential AOTS here, it's a deconstruction of Isekai.
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Remove main character.
>deconstruction of isekai

Looks more like it's just a reverse isekai like The Devil is a Part-timer with a focus on satirizing currently popular anime tropes. I can't wait to see what Meguca's story will be about.
>it's a deconstruction
It's hot garbage.

What logic do they use to decide when to draw by hand or when to use CG?
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What resources do we have and what are we trying to do.
Most studios specialize in 2D animation. Most 3D anime of the last years came from the same handful of studios (Sanzigen and Polygon Pictures mostly). Berserk is made by a relatively small CG studio called Gemba and is their first big project. But the main reason is probably budget yeah.

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How come in anime they always say esper? Why can't they just say psychic?
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Uhh, sounds cool I guess
It's the way japanese syllables are arranged.
ESP = extra-sensorial perception
So, someone that has it is an ESPer.
Same way shoot'em ups are called STGs in Japan. STG = ShooTinGu
>how come another language doesn't use the same words as mine
Fucking burgers.

What does /a/ think about Five Star Stories? Just finished reading what was translated and was surprised to hear that nobody has bothered to finish it since the early 2000's.

Closest thing to an anime/manga equivalent of Dune out there.
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Didn't it have a long ass hiatus? it probably killed interest, though I don't know how popular it was before that.

I've only seen the film version but I liked it, it's like Star Wars with Mechas on Stilettos, manga is still on my backlog as of now.
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Spectacular stuff. Excellent art, design, and world building. Political and war situations are portrayed better than most other anime and manga out there. Current arc, Majestic Stand, is equivalent in complexity to the political tension of WWII and Middle East crisis. Retcon designs were strange but everything else stayed the same. Shame you guys can't read this stuff. I would translate it but I don't have the manpower or time. Especially with all the long-ass bios and descriptions in each volume.

Also, the art books are nothing short of gorgeous.

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Utaha episode 0.webm
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ITT: "Villains" who did absolutely nothing wrong
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