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Because no feminine penis
How can she say she loves me if she can't even eat my poop?
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Really makes you think.

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Rindou-senpai will never be flattered when you compliment her hair

feels bad, man
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... why does she have vampire teeth?

also pic unrelated
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Because she's "secretly" the final boss. "Secretly" as in "There's an entire flashback arc to Saiba and he's literally just Rule 63 Rindou."
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Azami Nakiri.jpg
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I still conform to the theory that Azami was actually the good guy and he was trying to unify the school against a bigger threat from outside.

>go to Batoto
>click the Random button once
>read the first chapter of whatever you get and tell /a/ what you thought of it
This felt like it was edgy just for the sake of being edgy. Fake childhood friend was a cute at least.
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>you need to login to see the chapter
>click most recent chapter
>scroll to chapter one from the top bar
>genres :[no chapters]
The top bar wont work for me though, some series might but I had the middle ones getting me the error page.

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Why is yunocchi so sleepy?
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Being cute all day takes a lot of energy out of you.
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There is nothing wrong with a good nap. It gets the creative juices going and refreshes the body.
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She works hard pleasing her fans. She needs a nap break every now and again.

Why does she eat books? Do they even taste good?
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Ask /lit/, all they do is consume books
you've never eaten paper before?

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Hey anon, do you like our bikinis?
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Stop, I JUST fapped.
now post the cropped porn one. You know the one
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Prettiest and best girl.

So this season comes down to either Recreators or Alice to Zouroku. Everything else airing this season is from average to shit.
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Recreators is shit quality man

>anime's anime comes to life
>anime and anime's anime look the same aka it not really anime but live-action

>shitty bazooka of Babylon,and Senbon zakura

>see them walking on the street, they are going up and down like a bubble head.

>camera zoom to their feet,no tip toeing to account for the bobble head inorganic walking.

>animators never seen a actual human being walking.
>Alice to Zouroku
That one is garbage though
and they're still better than the rest of the shows this season

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Why is this allowed /a/?
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Because sometimes, we can have nice things.
I'll never get over the voice shifts, though.
What? Green hair?
Why is what allowed? A cute girl being cute in her swimsuit?

A short stack vs. an even shorter stack.

Who wins?
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Liliruka >>>>>>>>>>>> meme oppai loli goddess
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The viewer
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Actually short and really stacked one.

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>Male main character
>Voiced by female seiyuu
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I love Rica Matsumoto.
>male seiyuu
>sounds like a female
it makes the character sound younger, more composed or sympathetic. grown man doing a boy's voice doesn't work well

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Futaba-san Chi no Kyoudai is a fun little ecchi comedy about a potentially-incesty brother and sister that's just started. Posting this both to garner interest and hopefully find a cleaner. We already have a TL and a TS lined up.
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Will she get GOBBED?
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seems to me more flags have been raised for farmer girl.
waiting for demon lord fight

>activates scroll
>what have you done to me!?
>a gate scroll, linked to the surface of the sun
>goblins are stronger anyways
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>demon lord

They are garbage against a well organized gob force.
The real end game will be the gob invasion from the moon and the secret underground gob kingdom.

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This show fucking sucks I have no idea why plebs straight out of gaia praise it so much
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Again /a/ fails to elaborate on their shit taste, no surprise this board is going downhill.
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taiga strap.jpg
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Taiga is really fuckable and size-difference is cute.
Maybe if you're a lolicon with shit taste.

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Reminder that there's a fully translated manga sequel to this decent show, that is marginally better than a fever dream people have been passing around for some reason.

I have a new computer, please post Yin.
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Is it going to get animated?
Season 2 never
Yin is shit and you have shit taste.

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Was she really necessary?
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She'll be a villain in R3. She'll start a war or something to force Lelouch to come out of hiding.
I would say "yes to my dick", but she barely has any doujins and fanart.
Yes. Her faithfulness was needed to contrast Kallen's nature as a traitorous whore.

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