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This is one of the best animes of the year.
Why /a/ didn't talked about this anime?
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because it's shit
The post that was made first, is a post that will contain the highest quality commentary in the thread.
It had a unique storyline compared to generic love stories, as this storyline contained a character who became hot in order to seek his vendetta instead of finding true love. At the same time rejecting other people purely for this purpose.

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Can dragons be rapists?
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>when you'll never have a dragon goddess shota loving milf to smother you in her tits as you sleep

Why even live.
I assume you've never been to /d/.

Mayu will win on KM too.
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Eriri a shit.

Mayu a second best but Utaha will be the only winner of KM.
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is this girl a darkness-level slut?
I am deeply dissapointed
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Which team wins in a battle to the death?
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who are the two girls in team blacked?
Team Black commander is way more competent, but Team White has fucking Gurren Lagann, and Team Black simply doesn't have the same level of OP bullshit.
Fuu from Yuki Yuuna is one of them

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Ravioli, ravioli
dragon loli
a best loli
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Woah you suck. Fuck off.
No you
I wish I had a cute daughter like kanna.

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Literally nothing topped this moment in the entire show. This is proof once again that Death Note is not your common shonen and should be treated accordingly as a powerful and intelligent form of storytelling that questions your views on life. To be clear : Death Note, especially the anime, is a masterpiece, that has yet to find a proper equivalent in the media.

Of course without including what happens after episode 25...
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It was good up until L died. After that it was mediocre.

Also death note isn't that deep. Kira is just a power hungry iamverysmart fag who develops a god complex.
I would've at least make her fuck me for a whole week before killing her
This is the worst written part in the entire series. She was a top Agent, who worked under L in a previous case, and was being incredibly cautious the entire time and then ALL OF THE SUDDEN her period hit her or whatever bullshit, and she trusted Light.

The manga-ka wrote himself into a corner and took a way out that was counter to her personality. Poor writing.

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>great power balancing
>great character designs
>decent ecchi
>unique theme
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Only real thing it has going for it is the character designs.

The foodgasming got pretty old, so without tosh's art it's nothing special.
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>best girl destined to lose
Every time
Character design is pretty much the most important thing in a shounen.

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>no Satania thread

You thought i wouldnt catch u fuckers dilly-dallying?
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Show's dead man
The moment's passed
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This place is fucking dead.
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Good. Now leave.

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Why is Ellis so perfect?
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>1180 Voters
>419 Ellis Fahrengart
Sasuga Bluehoukifags
All the girls are tsundere? except by the maid and the autistic loli sword
3rd worst girl.

2nd worst human girl.

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How does one date a clock?
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Gets my gears rotating
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Is this anime shit? I like it but I feel like it's shit

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How comes the best girl almost never wins? How come some tsundere bitch who never ever respects the MC always ends up getting him in the end.
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Pic unrelated of course
It's human nature to cheer for the losers
fuck off incest fag

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What's the best track?
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ED is better

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>it's a beach trip episode
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>token rich girl has a beach house
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>it's an ironic beach trip episode in which they undergo all the common tropes but they are self-aware so it's differen
name 420 anime that do this

If this was classis berserk the witch would have been raped and murdered a hundred chapters ago showing that magic ain't worth shit and that anyone can die instead of just secondary characters that appeared for only one chapter. The magic has really cheapened every victory Guts has had. His whole deal was that he was a badass human being that can take on monsters. Now he's just some smuck with hax armor. Isidro could have been a apprentice of or the next gutts but thanks to the witch's prescene yet again he's paired up with her for comedic scenes and kiddie shit with no signs of growth. Farnese was a conflicted character over her family and beliefs but now that's cast aside for role of witch in training which has gone nowhere. Serpico was a badass followerer indebted to Farnese but fuck that. Let's make him a background character so we can have the bitch take up more pages in the manga. Anytime magic and the like takes prominence the plot slows down to a crawl over some unimportant shit nobody gives a fuck about except the witch. You can attribute the boat hell to Schierke. Remember how good this manga and party was before Miura added the witch? Tower of conviction arc anyone?
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There is literally nothing wrong with her.
She's destined to never get the G.
Why do you retards keep saying "classic berserk" as if the entire manga was an edge and rapefest. That only occurred during eclipse and during the Black Swordsman arc. Everything else has been more or less in the same tone, this includes the current arc, Golden Age itself, and conviction.
Plenty of characters still get eaten/raped/maimed/tortured/whatever. Did you guys forget the pointless flashback chapter where everyone felt bad for Guts and his flower waifu?

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watching paint dry: the manga
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OP is clearly a fag, the hype of this page is something i've never seen in any anime or manga
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it feeling anticlimactic was the whole point of the page ya silly fruit
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Boring. King Golf is the superior golf manga.

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