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i wanna do illegal things with saikawa
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I like her, too bad she's not as popular as Kanna.
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And I want to fuck Gabriel in her dirty tracksuit, but we don't always get what we want anon-kun
Wise words fellow Anons, I can feel you.

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Rikka would die and Yuuta would wind up with Shinka.
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Fixed that for you.

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What do you think of Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desu ka?
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Surprisingly good.
Best first ep of the season for sure.
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AOTY, possibly AOTD

I can't believe how exciting I'm getting while reading this. How would you describe her demeanour anyway? Cool? Unsentimental?
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Sexual triangle mouth.

And holy shit, the MC sucks so hard and he's such a terrible match for her. I'd like to see this manga with someone who is equally as unfazed as her, it would be a hundred times better.
No, they're definitely a good match. I don't think that their interactions would be as amusing as they are, nor that they would lead anywhere if no one played the straight man.
>nor that they would lead anywhere if no one played the straight man.
That's the problem, he doesn't. That guy gets as easily flustered as a teenage girl. Rito is a fucking alpha male compared to this guy.

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How are you coping with the death of fansubs /a/?
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It will only start hurting if Horrible dies. But then, it will hurt like a bitch.
>people are seriously nostalgic about fansub drama, low-quality translations, ''funny'' trollsubs and waiting for days to get subtitles

CR/HorribleSubs is probably the best thing that has happened in the fansub scene in recent years.
Why would people have to be nostalgic over poor translations when they could just download a recent CR release and get their dose?

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Umaru is getting a second season and the new OAD is out next week. Now is a great time to convert to Umaruism to prepare for the coming Umarupocolps
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no it's a nug!.jpg
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Dumb Umaru poster.

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Why doesn't she just wear pants?
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Because girls wear skirts, not pants.
That would be gay.
Pants are for boys

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Just finished Toradora.

It was super-good, I really liked it. I'm not a big romance anime kind of guy but damn.

What'd you anons think of it?
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It's a classic that bears multiple watches, Particularly to pay more attention to Ami and Miniri on the second watch when you aren't as absorbed in the plot overall.

Be honest though, motherfucker. Did you cry?
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>let's pretend I typed Minorin correctly and in exchange I'll tell you that there is a VN that continues the story signifigantly and has the original cast.
only a couple times, but yeah

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asuka show panties.jpg
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What are the best kind of underwear for anime/manga girls to wear?
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Plain white.
Adult diaper.
Shimapan is the only correct answer

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Spoilers for chapter 214 are out.
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>open door
>see this
What do?
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punch her nipple
Why does everyone hate on frontier when Savers and Xros exists?

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You fuckers told me K-ON was a comfy healing show what the fuck is this shit?
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An edit with lewd implications, and now you're trying to use that to make people assume that it's got a dark twist in prositution and have them avoid it.
Though I don't really care, K-On is garbage.
What is it like to hate fun?
Moe money, moe problems.

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Remember when this was lighthearted fun?

What were they thinking shoehorning romance and all this stupid drama into the series? As if Trigger forgot what made everyone love the ovas and original so much. This just feels so much different from past Trigger offerings and I mean that in the bad way. It's closer in spirit to Kiznaiver junk than luluco,klk or inferno cop.
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I got bored with it after the fifth episode. Perhaps it's one of those thigns that's better off as a standalone 30 minute video.
It's only yuri shipping now right?
Akko gets a rich stud.
Lotte has already been asked out but she declined.

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This fearsome dragon has arrived to steal your peoples' riches and kidnap your maidens. Which gallant knight does the local Lord send to combat it?
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An OL.

best girls stuck in worst shows
I'll start
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