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Poor Sarah.
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Aw shit was there an update. I keep trying to keep up but it keeps falling off the earth.
Well, translations are just 1 ch behind I think.
Are they really? I felt like it took a 2 month break or so. Guess my sense of time is slipping.

Why the FUCK did Hyakko not get the love it deserved? This show was fucking great and everyone forgot about it.
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Airing at the same time as K-ON so it went under the radar.
And no one liked the manga so it was axed. We will never know if Torako will fuck the teacher.
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Why do nips have such shit taste? They eat up contrived shit like k-on and will completely ignore good shit. Are all Japanese anime fans autistic? Like, stop feeding into the otaku stereotype you fucking losers, stop going to your gay little anime concerts and cheering and waving your gay glowsticks in unison and forcing the OBVIOUSLY uncomfortable VAs to perform for your ugly fat asses. I HATE JAPAN SO MUCH AHHHHHHHHHH
>everyone forgot about it.

[a/ doesn't talk about good anime.

What is with Japan and garbage mascot characters?

Shit like this ruins the tone of a series, and this fucker in particular is like a giant beacon of poor design and animation, hovering around like he doesn't need wings to fly

This shit is hot steaming garbage, does anyone actually like this?
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he aint no mascot
At least he's voiced by Kugimiwa Rie.
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death wish.png
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We must secure the existence of a season 2 and a future of happy lolis
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I'll be happy when the Devil of the Rhine is dead.
Mary Sue, its late and you have school tomorrow.
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This show was complete garbage.

Premise was 10/10 though. How can you fuck up a premise like that?

Okay, let me get this straight - this isn't related to REEEEE: Zero, and these aren't actually Puck and Satella?
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Shimakaze is cute!
What is Albus's real name?
I need the LN translated and I need it now!

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Please describe this child.
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Really, actually, seriously, absolutely, fucking dead.

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what went wrong?
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Age. Happens to the best of us.
If only she had become a vampire.
she became sexy?
got addicted to anal

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Is Satania cute enough to watch the show for? I want to watch her being cute.
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She's the only real reason to watch it so sure, go ahead.
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Do you like retarded girls?

Ah, good to know.


Bakas are fine.

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Look at this beautiful girl, from an old, respected family. She's a top student and a club president. A guy like you doesn't stand a chance.
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I could beat her up easy
Do girls know what they're doing when they raise their arms like that?
>top high school student
that shit doesn't matter at all

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>OP by fripSide
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>OP by nano
Both of these women have had sex.
so who cares they just make music im not some purity fag who will only listen to "pure" k-pop idols

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How can one girl be so perfect?
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How about no.
How is she supposed to breastfeed the young skeletins with those breasts? They'll all die of calcium deficiency!
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ITT: Objectively well-designed top tier anime characters in bad animes, I'll start
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Date a live.jpg
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Tenkawa Maihime
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>in bad animes
You lost me.

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is ghost in the shell that good?
i watched akira a few weeks back and it was amazing, probably in my favourite top 3 films of all time.

i've seen ghost in the shell recommended but from the trailer it doesn't seem that good, i dislike the animation. is it really that good or is it just overrated?
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Just watch the live-action, it's a hundred times better.
It's a fucking snoozfest OP
The original was pretentious crap!

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It's only a matter of time before we finally see /ourgirl/ in action.
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I hope she gets her ass beat like Videl did. bet you feminists will bitch and moan when she doesn't win the tournament
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What's with all the fags like you populating the shonen thread? Identity politics have no place in 2D, only fun, feels, and fetishes. I just happen to prefer a girl who can keep up with me in a fight, because a real man doesn't need a weak bitch.
If she isn't stronger than Jiren and Goku, feminists will bitch and moan

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Sure go ahead
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Well kid looks like we got ourselves here in a standoff
Both of you let her go or else!

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