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So which name is better, Pukey or Barfie?
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flows and sounds better
any /desuno/ here
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Pukey IMO

Also bought the 8.5 volume in Japanese desu, since they are like 10 bucks (New) in Amazon but they take a while to get it.

I wonder if Seven Seas will translate this, I'm pretty kininarimasu because it will take a long time to see the 12th volume now and they might have free time so, I want to believe they will do it.
Somewhat me, but she is getting back now.
She's a cutie.
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Interesting, I find Barfie better, the word itself sounds funnier.

What's the 8.5. about? Why is it not a regular volume?

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This board doesn't have enough Megumi
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Utaha a shit.
Megumi a best
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shut up cunt.jpg
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Megumi got like 1 minute of screentime this episode.

It's obvious people will talk about best girl Utaha more.

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>Evangelion 3.0 came out 5 years ago
>still no trailer or release date for Final
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You have to go back.
Anno is a con man.

There will never be a final.
Is he even back to making 4.0 after Godzilla yet, or does he need another 3 years to wallow in self-pity over his perceived inadequacy?

name a more woke anime this season, /a/
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all hail sagarada
All hail the new Glasslip.
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Who /major/ here?
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I don't want to sound casual about this, but he is unironically one of my favorite villains in modern fiction anime. I think the manga as a whole did a great job fleshing him out in being someone that was always so pathetic. That his plan on turning the most powerful being in the world helpless even for a couple of decades was a win to him.
My favourite villain in anime.

All of his dialogues were 10/10.

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ITT Villains who did things wrong but were still mostly in the right
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the squirrel cat did NOTHING wrong
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he just wanted to live a quiet life
>doesn't disclose that the girls have to have their soul sealed in a gem

I mean you can sorta give him a pass on the witch thing because that's not a guarantee but not letting the girls know that they have to become undead is all kinds of wrong.

How can a drawing made by an old asian guy be so perfect?
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Koi could be a cute girl
Koi-san is girl though
But I am a girl.

We should settle this once and for all.
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>Best bath scene
No nudity, no good.
The music was most of the reason why I enjoyed that bath scene in Nise.
Fuck off.

>6 seasons
>not a single bad episode

Why hasn't more of /a/ seen Natsume?
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its pretty hard to fuck up something so fundamentally chill as natsume

the problem is that it's so chill that it's fairly boring and there's nothing to discuss
I want to MARRY Natsume Takashi!
>it's fairly boring

I never get this criticism. It might not be a complex show but the dramatic stakes are high for most of the episodic characters. I end up caring more about them then I do some main characters in 26 episode shows.

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What a fucking waste of time.
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So is almost every anime.
how tall was kirino
Your fault for watching harem, retard.
>my waifu didn't win ;_; ;_;

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When will Tomo and her tomos come back from hiatus?
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It was already announced when
hopefully never
ill be honest, this series could never come back and i think i would be happier than if it were to continue

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who is the best girl and why is it ranmaru??
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Season 2 never

OP is actually not a faggot for once.
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>dat strength
>great durability
>great stamina
>will always protect you
>tomboy on the outside, a pure girl on the inside

best waifu material

Post characters that run like you.
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If you posted a webm or a gif maybe this thread would've had a chance.
do you have a pink butthole
Is your name Sakura

How do you even choose?
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I choose the superior harem
>Get blowjob from koito
>Assjob from reina
>Fuck the loli
>Marry Mai
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When in doubt, bigger boobs are better.

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Where were you when best boy won?
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So boring and predictable.
It became obvious he was going to win when he almost gave his life for her.
Before that, anyone would have thought that his type never wins and that it was going to be Igarashi's win.
Senpai actually won.
I don't care, but good that best boy won.

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