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Sweet anime tears.
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Why are they so delicious?
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Why do they make my penis feel strange?
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Should I keep going?

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I been slacking. Here's your daily reminder to stop being a fucking casual, shut your excuse hole, and start watching Gintama.
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Fuckin bump, nigga
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repeat the grade.png
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These are your inmates for tonight.
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looks like the cast list in a Dead or Alive gaiden game
Why do I get the feeling that the second main girl is just another Vernon Schillinger?

Is Joshiraku a butt-anime?
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Marii's butt was certainly the most memorable thing about it.
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You can't be shirious

We need to go out, /a/.

Out of context
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Your favorite studio fucks up production while being unable to finish production of 2-3 shows until deadline. Meanwhile, Kyoani finished their last show 3 months ago and still have (at least) 3 months to polish every inch of this. So tell me, how it can NOT become the best anime of all time. Protip: you can't.
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I can't refute that, OP. KyoAni does it again. FUCK, HOW DO THEY KEEP WINNING?
I completely agree with you OP, it will be as good as Kyokai no Kanata was a Bakemonogatari-killer.
>The story revolves around Auto Memory Dolls; dolls initially created by a scientist to assist his blind wife write her novels, and later rented out to other people who needed their services. While the initial function of these Auto Memory Dolls is only to generate voices into text, a second group of people created a company that rented out beautiful talented women who, while having the same function as the original Auto Memory Dolls, also can perform military-related tasks.
>scientifically engineered superbeings in the form of cute girls
This is right up my alley. And I don't even like kyoani that much.

What are they even checking out in there? Thats no ass.
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Tight butts are best, get out of here blubber-lover
I bet you like washboards.
This nigga knows.

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At what point did the show start to become trash?

>inb4 "it was trash from the start"
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Rinne Tensei
It was trash from the start.
sage mode

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Just how accurate is this?
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Whoever did this removed parts of the image when selecting with the magic wand tool.

It's not.
I'm triggered and this will spread false information.
Most of these shows are not CGDCT at all. They dhould have used the word "moe" or "bishoujo" instead.
Stop calling tv anime "arthouse" by definition tv anime can NOT be arthouse.

~7 Hours until episode 1 airs and HobbyJapan saves ecchi anime.
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No one subbing this? I cant expect my dick to do all the work.
>7 hours
I don't get why people started making threads so many hours before episodes air
i hope it's uncensored and i don't have to wait for BDs

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what do?
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Celebrate my total victory over humanity. Clearly my plans to destroy the ningen worked out.
Masturbating to everything I didn't dare to before.
Samefag on /a/

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How would you exploit this young lady?
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Through the back door
I'd trick her into marrying me, then I'd trick her into giving birth to my children, then I'd trick her into living a happy family life with me until we both die of old age.
I miss Rin

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Benten better not be gone for 80% of the show.
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I read some novel fags spoilers that she will do just that.
Spoil me, anon. Will frogbro get to anything relevent this season?
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>that she will do just that

Quick FMA Thread!

> Succeeded in absorbing 'God' and still lost


As for his last words, in my own opinion there really isn't anything 'wrong' with seeking perfection, humans are in a way 'flawed' to not be perfect, otherwise we really would all be just like Father, a bunch of 'perfect beings' and what not.

Post characters you like and quotes they said that you like.
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03 was better
It's his own damn fault for not saving up his Philosopher's Stone. At least try to dodge for God's sake, he got cocky and that became his downfall.

'Human being must pay a steep price for their arrogance, THAT is Truth'

the ultimate irony is he got so confident he would understand everything he never even considered he too would have to pay that 'price'

Hey guys I fixed White Album 2.
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I think their positions should be switched
Good work.
Thanks Anon

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