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If Sawano is the Hans Zimmer of anime, then who is the Williams?
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Shiro Sagisu
Sawano too, he is that good.
Hans Zimmer -> Hiroyuki Sawano
John Williams -> Yoko Kanno
Michael Giacchino -> Yuugo Kanno
Jerry Goldsmith -> Toshihiko Sahashi
Ennio Morricone -> Kouhei Tanaka
James Horner -> Masamichi Amano (Sagisu's orchestrator/ghostewriter)
Nino Rota -> Joe Hisaishi
Alan Silvestri -> Naoki Sato
Miklos Rozsa -> Michiru Oshima
John Barry -> Akira Senju
Danny Elfman -> Yuki Kajiura
Bernard Herrmann -> Taku Iwasaki
Vangelis -> Susumu Hirasawa
Thomas Newman -> Kenji Kawaii

Has more to do with their overall reputation and personal views on music rather than their actual musical style (unless you're talking about Iwasaki whose usual music style is very Herrmannesque)

Anyone else I'm forgetting?

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Why aren't there very many complex male characters in contemporary anime?
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Because they don't have tits and a cute smile?
For the same reason there aren't many complex anime characters, period. It takes skill to write them which your typical LN hack doesn't possess.
also theres no money it since japan just like harems

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What did she mean by that?
Her armpit is amazing
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Make or request /a/rt
Old >>155820141
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Requesting Megumin shooting heroin in a dirty bathroom
Ignore this thread
I fucked up
If it's not late you can DELET it

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Let's do that, anon.
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Math homework? I though we were going to do the science exhibit together. God damn it.
Sorry, I have to study.
Can you invite Kyo over?

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rebuild asuka rei breast censor.jpg
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Was this really as fanservice-y as people made it out to be? The movie seemed to go pretty out of its way to establish a really different tone compared to the TV series at this point.
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>Was this really as fanservice-y as people made it out to be?
Rei Ayanami
>Organic sex doll.
>Autistic toilet
>Bitchslap to Shinji

Asuka Langley Soryu
>Asukafags like to be treated like trash.
>Asuka is not a good person she's a deeply unhappy person.
> Annoying bitch who mistreats Shinji
> asuka have mental breakdown
>She wanted to be fucked by Kaji
Spot on.
The only girl I found attractive or likeable was Hikari who chases after Shinji's bully.

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Shinka is the hottest girl in the world
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I would want to subtlety touch her butt while rubbing her with suntan lotion but wouldn't have the guts
I'm sure she'll be cool with it, it's okay.
When will the fucking meme die?

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gg baiken.png
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Will 3d anime ever look good?
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baiken 99.jpg
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Baiken always looks good
>20$ balance patch
nice try
New story mode tho

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This month it's mainly a Tokujira chapter again with a few Botan towards the end.
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Chase was good. Fuck you.
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It wasn't
Have sex, lose weight, hit the gym, get a clue
You don't need me to project your insecurities onto me, anon. Get your mom to do that for you.

In any case, you're retarded.
It was the best OP of jojo4 by far and a really good rock song. But it still can't hang with the OPs of jojo1-3. They are too good.

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Kaguya Ch. 20 is the best chapter of any manga ever written. Prove to me otherwise.

>You can't
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this chapter honestly blew me away.
tfw it's actually over
It's not fair

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S2 when
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I don't think Baccano would really benefit from a S2. I also was never really a huge fan of the anime and it seems like /a/'s hardon for it has died down since 2010
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Alright, you get a S2

but its full of suffering and all characters die an horrible death
the worst reserved for these two

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You ever get the feeling you like imoutos because you're supposed too?
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I don't know what that means but I like Mikan
do imoutos have to be blood-related younger sisters?
Is this the smug thread?

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how do the evas get to the surface? Where are the elevators?
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WHO CARES JUST ENJOY THE SHOW, fuck all these idiots making a big deal out of meaningless things, IT DOESN'T RUIN ANYTHING
They run up the wall and then through the armor.

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Elsa a cute. What are the chances that she will be here in the future?
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It was a really good fight the intensity of just reading dialogue was incredible I hope we see more fights like this in this future tappei has really outdone himself so has summanon

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