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Why is there a severe lack of badass women in Anime?
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here's your rethorical answer: japan is a patriarchal society.
now fuck off
they also have a severe lack of badass men

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>you will never have your own Vampire Loli
Why are Vampire Lolis so underrepresented? You can count on a single hand the manga featuring Vampire Lolis as maincharacters.
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I just want to be their undead servant
What? Lolis are practically the most common form of Vampire in anime.
Haters gonna hate.

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Just finished this show. It was not cosmic at all.
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Cosmic girl was about the only good thing in the show.
>Just finished
Dayum anon, good job. I dropped at 6th episode.
Yeah, that's impressive. I couldn't get that far.

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>Busou Shoujo Machiavellism
>Zero Mahou
Did I fall into a time portal and end up in 2007? What's next, a fansubbing renaissance?
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You forgot Clockwork.
I'd like a quality but slow please
I'll take two speedys
A quality but slow
A QUALITY with extra quality
A stops halfway
Two joke subs, one with memes
and a large soda

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What's the worst anime ever made?
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Your favorite anime
just about anything past 2007
gabriel dropout

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which series are you the most sad about having no season 2?
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Fuck Brain's Base
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Yuyushiki, mostly because every other goddamn CGDCT anime got a S2 but my favourite got snubbed.
Code Geass

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How can anyone not like Shinka?
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"Shinka" is laotian for evolution. Shinka is the next step in human evolution.
Why do you post her so often? I personally think she has a bad attitude and is rude. Rikka is objectively cuter and nicer, albeit a bit autistic.
shinka is mesmerizing

You haven't forgotten about me, have you?

BD encodes never. Not sure if they're worth it, especially since they removed the original OP.

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>You haven't forgotten about me, have you?
Nah, we /a/esthetes are still around.
Nobunaga should've been forgotten
Fansubbing died, thanks god we got all episodes translated

Today even something popular as Yamato 2202 which BD is out don't get subs

I don't even.
You fags were serious saying GX was bad. I don't think Symphogear has ever been good, but it has always had something entertaining apart from the songs. GX had too much Hibiki despair and everyone being a bitch to each other, Carol being retarded only reinforced the shit.
At least some of the GX songs are tight, that's still something this series has going for it. RIP greatest hero Dr. Ver.
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Chris is my wife.
Nice taste. Shame that she got too fixated on the senpai-kohai business. Bonus points on being smart too.
GX went to shit when they started killing off the dolls and having all the character solve their problems in one-episode mini-arcs

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Dumping a pixiv manga. The name is Yukuyuku Futari, it's about cute couple doing cute things.
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Retards Only Edition
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>Nico nico niii
What did she mean by this?
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It's her mating ritual. Shows everyone she's at the peak of her fertility.
"pls eat my pussy maki"

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>Watched Nurarihyon no mago for tsurara
>this happens
Holy fuck /a/, I did not expect to cry such bitch tears
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I'll even forgive the shitty ending since best girl won
Which season was this?

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Tfw you will never watch k-on for the first time ever again
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What I do is that I don't watch it for 2+ years before I rewatch it. Feels like I watched it for the first time again. Actually rewatched the whole thing a week ago. feelsgoodman
I somehow haven't watched it yet...

It's time

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Just finished End of Evangelion, what the fuck did I just see? It was fine at the first half to know what was taking place but then it just gave a complete fuck fest. Could someone explain Pic related?
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>tfw I will never be a reclusive teenager with a distant farther complex again
>tfw I will never watch NGE for the first time again
>tfw I will never watch EoE for the first time again
All EoE was really was just a bunch of pretentious drivel
That's all. The whole series after episode 11 or 12 was just a big fuck you to watchers


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