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And it's pretty good so far. The animation is gorgeous.
Can anyone tell me why Season 2 apparently doesn't stack up too well?
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who told you that? S2 goes on to fix everything wrong with the game. it's the culmination of the series. if you read anything bad about the anime, it's likely berseria shitters who are buttmad because their autistic waifu didn't get her own episode
I thought S2 was a huge improvement over season 1. It went from kind of bad and what basically felt like a game tutorial to pretty decent and wasn't interrupted by Berseria advertisement. The real issue is the last episode not airing. Can Ufotable not finish any show that isn't Type Moon shit on time?
niggas need to know its not a fucking season 2 its a second half

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>Ctrl + F
>Not in catalog
Let's fix that
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New chapter? Where?

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Can we have an Ojamajo Doremi thread? Love and peace only please.
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I want to eat at the Ojamajo Cafe.
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How is she so cute?
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DoremiとHana have a fit.webm
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I hate that I can't go.

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breast envy tomboy
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What went wrong?
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Definitely not Nori-chan, because she was the cutest.
The two main characters are the most stale characters in the whole show.
The plot didn't go anywhere.

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>it's a hot spring episode
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hot spring episode > beach episode > school festival episode
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>it's a traditional holiday episode
[x] Join them

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no, shes not pic related
get the hell out reifag, your kind is not allowed here
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Rei a shit.png
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>best girl

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Are Barakamon and tanaka-kun wa itsumo kedaruge the two best SoL/comedy anime in recent years? No, before you go there: Main Dragon and Umaru were both mediocre at best.
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They were certainly some of the best laid back types of comedy in recent years, but I would call either the best sol comedy.
But Tanaka-kun is completely generic and forgettable outside its two main characters. The unique quiet/dry comedy tone gets completely fucked up by the obnoxious midget and the obligatory love interest.
How recent are we talking? Because Barakamon was three years ago.

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Why does a king need such large tits?
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She needs to establish dominance and superiority
Because she's a queen
Why are you questioning the logic of a medium meant to pander to hikkis and weeaboos who will never have a 2D girl let alone a 3D one?

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>it is been a year
I called it from episode 1.
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Great show
Decent show.

No matter what the NTR shitposters say.
Still not sure why anyone thinks this is NTR when they never showed any type of romantic interest in each other. Not sure why people think she should have saved herself for 20 years for a guy she knew in elementary school.

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chapter is out

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>no fanservice
Fuck right off
>that Acno counter

Fucking finally.Shame it was brief.
Has Acnologia finished jobbing hard to Fairies?

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Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the official Frid/a/y night Osu! thread. Come join us as we touch circles, call each others waifu and favorite anime shit, or just make new friends.

All /a/ lobbies will have the password "rage" and can be found by simply typing "/a/" in the multiplayer search bar. Please make sure to choose songs accordingly to the lobby's prescribed difficulty.

We also have an IRC channel that anyone is more than welcome to join. It is found on the Rizon server. Channel name is #osubantz.
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I hate this game.
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russians in lobby.png
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who are these people?
What the fuck is that?
To answer your question, russian /a/ occasionally has their own lobby up.

How do we make Digimon great again?
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Clearly needs more Taiora...
Xros Wars was pretty dank imo. Make another one of those with older characters and a cleaner artstyle and I'm sold.

The plot could be somewhere between the Bugramon and Darkknightmon world domination/betrayal story and Tamers' more deep, psycological themes. A mature anime without going too far in either direction (Savers in edginess vs Tri in "maturity").

No bullshit filler arcs, though. Time Hunters was dumb cookie-cutter shonen trash with a very unconvincing end-boss.
I mean, Quartzmon was supposed to be the most powerful digimon alive, ever, and it took all the chosen of all universes to take it down. And they did not even give the final weapon to a worthy character - they gave it to fucking Takiru, the most annoying and useless kid of the season.
Every time there's a thread that starts with Renamon it feels like it's going to turn into a furfag one

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THIS is a rollerskating manga
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It was awesome and I miss it.
Still one of my favorite fights in this series
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>ywn read Air Gear for the first time again

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Fuck you I liked it.
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Gay as fuck ending, but I can't blame Naruto. Sasuke is pretty hot for a dude.
>hand holding with blood hands
gayer than Baku no Pico
I liked my alternative ending better where Sasuke kills Naruto and then, realizes that he (Naruto that is), was right and that he can't live without him. So he puts his head up against his like Itachi and bawls over him while going over in his head how stupid he was to kill him, and that if only he was more like Naruto who could even revive people from near-death (like Gai). Then he sacrifices his eye to bring Naruto back with Izanagi.

The eye idea is mine, but I literally thought this was going to happen because somebody made a really convincing fake spoiler that I accidentally clicked on in Google images and read through. It had Sasuke crying over Naruto like I described in probably some callback to that one opening. I've never been able to find it again though.

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