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I'm an apex predator.
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satania is a smart girl!.png
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you wouldn't do that to a three year old

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How do I look, anon?
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With your eyes.

Bad dum tsss.
this is not S T I C C, it therefore has no effect on my dick

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Why is this anime so praised? It's just a bunch of long, pointless atmosphere scenes plus 2 action scenes both being very lame and worse than television action anime.
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it looks pretty, same as Akira
NEWSFLASH: People have different opinions, you ignorant boob.

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What the fuck kinda show is this?
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>PAYING to stream
Crazy how many people seem to start this show every day and then ask this
normalfag filter

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Ojou is cute! CUTE!
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But she goes around without undies, she's impure!
>dude the female body lmao
Only because she didn't have time to get some new ones made in time!

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Posting it here because, independent of your opinion on lolicon, this will have a huge impact on the anime community as a whole.

Copy paste bellow
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>tabloid BS about Facebook
No it won't.
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Check these and then fuck off.
>this will have a huge impact on the anime community as a whole.
I still gonna fap to loli you aint gonna do nothin'

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What's everyone favorite DBZ quote? I'm just really interested to see what peoples favorite quote is. Mine is this :Gohan, let it go.. It is not a sin to fight for the right cause.. there is those who words alone will not reach.Cell is such a being..
I know how you feel Gohan, you are gentle.. you dont not like to hurt. I know because I too have learnt these feelings..
but it because your cherish life that you must protect it. Please.. drop your restraints. Protect the life I once loved..
you have the strength, my scanners sensed it..

Just.. let it go.. -Android 16
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Kill yourself.

My favorite quote is literally every line said by Christopher Ayres' Frieza.
Now, allow me to show you a wall you could never scale through effort alone!

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A: the kind who remains cold as she abuse you

B: the kind who visibly getting turned on as she abuse you

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Seeing the girl get turned on as she abuses me turns me on even more.
B cuz it's more likely to led to femdom sex.

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My wife Akari is so cute!
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Shes pretty cute, but I don't think you should be in that kind of relationship with a girl of that age anon
At least post a picture of her so we can see what your waifu looks like.
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She is a very mature girl! Who needs those old and bustied women when you can have girls like Akari?!

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>there will never be a Mahoyo anime by Kyoani
>it will never air the same season as Shaft's Fate Extra for next level funposting
Why live?
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VN was meh tho.
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alice 2.png
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You better like F/GO because the best we're ever going to get is a collab.

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What's /a/'s opinion on Garo?
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I hope the next anime is as good as the first anime series/movie.
What do you mean by next anime?
They announced a new Garo to have been green-lit a while back.

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Get Ready
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Is it time?!
Bring it on

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would Revy make a good mother?
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>good mother
Pick one.
shes too bat shit crazy to be a mother. Plus I'm sure she's on some kind of drugs + alcohol so theres that
Well, no one would pick on her kid at school.

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Why are Hi10p anime downloads so bloated now? They use to be less than 100MiB per 720p rip without any issues. Now we have the same TV rips with bloated file sizes of 250MiB to 400MiB
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Because Hi10 is just a video codec. And like any video codec, it can be used to produce content of radically varying size and quality depending on what encode settings you tell it to use. Each encoder has to choose how important size and quality is to them.
Thanks Daiz.
Enjoy your low bitrate garbage with shit audio.

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You are waiting at the train station

This little bitch walks up and slaps your waifu the ass, what do you do?
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My waifu is not an ass you faggot
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So araragi ends up with crab right?

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