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Would she suck old man dick in front of Deku for enough money?
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Realistically no.
But for the average NTR artist/""writer"" the answer would be yes
this shi has more than 100 chapters right? has anything good as arlong park happened? i dropped it when it was releasing chapter 40 i think like 3 years ago because it was too boring

>pew pew me punch shit
would you suck her dick in front of deku for enough money?

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Hello /a/, I am an /a/nime veteran. I have watched almost all currently existing animes.

Tell me, are you an /a/nime veteran?
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No. Because of lack of time in the day.
I watched about 30 animes so yes.
Post your powerlevel.

Is this show just a "XD so randum" autist bait?
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Yes, please don't watch it. Stay away from the manga too.
No one gives a shit about your shitty overrated series, you can to being so defensive now.
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Not really

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ITT: Post the 'wife' character of a series. Not necessarily you're waifu (but may be), not necessarily a literal wife (but may be). Just that character that makes you think of a wife.
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Saten is top tier wife material.
>makes you think of a wife.
I think you post the wrong pic that is not Utaha.
Utaha just makes me think of a loser.

This is Sasuke. Say something nice about him.
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He didn't get brutally assraped and murdered despite completely deserving it.
his daughter is god tier

Why is he so perfect?
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-great sense of humor
-all around bro

Kurama is the ideal man I aspire to be.
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Fuck you, my husbando is ten times better.
Beautiful rose > edgelord manlet

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Toriyama's autistic murder Goku has really grown on me. This characterization makes him a far more complex character than Funi's Superman Goku I grew up with. It's not everyday you have an opportunity to get to know a character all over again
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You already wrote that in the Dragon Ball Super thread you spaz.
No I didn't.

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Would Xenogears make a good anime? It's already has anime art style and cutscenes.

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With a proper budget it would have been better as an anime as a game
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Look, even xenosaga sucked as an anime, xenogears wouldn't fare much better.

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This episode was petty enjoyable and the visuals didn't really distract me like other episodes.

Is the cgi improving in berserk or something?
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It's not hard to improve given the quality of the first cour... At least they took notes and improved some aspects without having to raise the budget. It's still not enough for me, though.
how quick is the adaptation? that's from like vol. 25 or something isn't it? are they skipping a lot to cover all the material so far?
It's 22 onward. The show moves by pretty fucking fast. Serpico's entire backstory was finished in about ten minutes.

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How do you feel about this type of girl?
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I like it?

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Do girls really do this?
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Do you? It's pretty comfortable.
What the FUCK is that thing in her hand?
No they use their cellphones
And they text instead. Or rather LINE I guess.

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How do you like your CGDCT shows?
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You can't just call anything with a female main cast CGDCT and give them arbitrary categories based on very superficial characteristics.
>Minami-Ke and Tamako Market on the same category.

Based e-celeb shits.
What is this awful fucking chart? Jesus fuck. Go take this garbage, shove it up your ass, then go find the creator, and maybe you two can go choke to death on a dozen or so dicks together.

Remember to not let this complete trash circulate around /a/.

Can we all agree that The Professor is the worst KyoAni girl?

I think it is the one thing that can unite KyoAni fans and KyoAni haters.
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I know that she's the worst Nichijou.
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This is the worst KyoAni girl

Imagine living in the world of one piece, you are a marine, pirate or a normal person. The greatest and most powerful man of all will be this autistic manchild. When zoro is most fit to be somting like that
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shut the fuck up narutard
"zoro is better fit to that" lmfao zoro is a drunk hobo who can't find his way to the WC
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I don't like One Piece much but I love Luffy. He's hilarious and cute, would be his nakama/10.
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>Be summoned to another world
>Instantly kill everyone in the summoning room

Why is this so refreshing?
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There's nothing refreshing about anything isekai.
You just havent seen enough yet. LN might as well mean Isekai at this point.
Wortenia Senki

>High school student Mikoshiba Ryouma was summoned to a different world in the middle of a war. Sensing the malice from the one who summoned him (a summoner of the O’ltormea empire), he uses his martial arts to run away, killing important people of the empire during his escape. After the escape, he rescues two twin sisters from the hands of thieves. The sisters who can use magic, swear to serve him as subordinates. Thus, Ryouma begins his journey on the path of the supreme ruler.

How can that not excite anyone!

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