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Is Black Bullet good for anything other than loli?
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Suffering and self-inserting as a secret agent cyborg loli king?
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Black Bullet treats lolis how they should be treated.
Isn't that enough?

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Is there anything that matches the insanity levels of Puni Puni Poemy?
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Yeah, Battletoads
Now that all the old Anons are dead except me I feel like I can finally say I never liked this show at all.
It was a clusterfuck of references and fourth wall breaking, what wasn't there to love?

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What is /a/'s opinion on this?
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I respect your opinion but your opinion is wrong.
Confusing as fuck if you're not familiar with the lore from the Visual Novel. I started with this.

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>You will never raise a family with a fry faced Russian cake
Why live?
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I dunno.
She's not a virgin and neither is Revy
Nobody cares

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Let's hear it.
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you're not stealing my ideas so fuck off
Small town girl running away from home takes the midnight train going anywhere.
City boy also running away takes the same midnight train.
They both decide to stick together in the new city they end up in. It's a romcom where they get into various city shenanigans, such as finding jobs, being homeless, accidentally pissing off the yakuza, all that jazz.
They get together in the end, and in the finale they kiss in the same train they met in.

Title: Don't Stop Believing
The world has ended. Everyone has been sorted into Heaven or Hell. MC had lived a good life and he ends up in Heaven. He meets some of his friends and family there, but not everyone as some of his acquaintances were sinners, heretics, atheists and what not.

God however allowed the residents of Heaven to descent into Hell to rescue whoever they wish at the expense of their limited "Deeds".

When everyone was sorted, they were judged based on how many "Deeds" and "Sins" they have. If their deed outweights their sin, they go to Heaven. If not, Hell. How one outweights the other determined what level of Heaven or Hell they were cast into and it will take a certain number of deeds in order to be redeemed.

MC descends into Hell in order to look for a girl he once knew who commited suicide. Along the way he redeems some of the people he once knew as well as strangers, and meet other residents of Heaven who were there to rescue their loved ones as well.

As he descents further and further, his deeds are depleting and he's not sure it will be enough once he finds her.

His gears are also proportionately powered by the amount of deeds he has and the lower it gets, the weaker he is.

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What does /a/ think about Gun Buster?
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Cool time dilation
It's pretty bad.

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How come RR-Agi wasn't ever this GAR during any of the TV Installments?
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because he lost his vampiric nature
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shaft is very inconsistent with their art
File: 1489755805021.gif (181KB, 390x161px)Image search: [Google]
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He looks better like this.

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The early 00s were so bad they literally had TWO good anime
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rec threads belong in /wsr/
Chobits was great, fuck off.

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Fat or fit?
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holy shit who is that sexy creature in the back on the left
This. Who is she?

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This is a pro hero. He's a very nice boy, and not a traitor. Say something nice to him.
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morning frenchie.png
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His sexhair is top notch
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I wish we had an anime about dinosaurs hunting people.
snkfags will defend this
post yfw you dropped this garbage when you realized the author had no idea how to finish it so he would milk it for 20 years

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1) Madhouse
3) Production IG
4) Brains Base
6) JC Staff
7) Sunrise
10) KyoAni
11) A-1
12) Ufotable
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Damn man 00's was probably best decade for animu.
It's weird how Madhouse has never made a mecha anime.
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>Has to stop at 2010 so he can't put Kyoani at the top.

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Would you watch Hotaru's livestream?
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What is it about?
Schemes to get coconuts to take over the store.
putting it on mute and jerking off

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Which JoJos are /a/ approved?
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All but giorno
All of them
Jonathan is my favorite. The only pure jojo

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Post your favorite opening atm

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ironically for the meme?

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