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Reverse NBR when?
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I want to believe
>Reverse NBR
What does this even mean
Originally stated as NBR, latter revealed to be BR.

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From comic relief to Katniss in one episode. A brief reprieve from meme status.
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Endgame right here, brothers.
>From comic relief to Katniss
She was better off as comic relief
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You gonna eat the rest of that Takoyaki anon?
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why does she not have a dick
Cause there are no traps in Boku no hero

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Episode 2 : 火影の息子 (The Hokage's Son) 4/12
>Boruto is punished for having cause trouble on the day he entered the academy.
Despises having received due punishment for his actions, Boruto's classmate eyes seems surprisingly cold to him, even thought he's the Hokage's son. During this, Boruto is being challenged by a fellow classmate, Yuino Iwabee.

Episode 3: 暴走, メタル・リー!! (Runaway, Metal Lee!!) 4/19
>Metal Lee, from Boruto’s class, in a young boy who always work very hard but is very easily nervous, shy and uneasy in front of others. Because of this problem, he has always problems with asserting his abilities in front of others. One day, Nara Shikadai says very heartless words to Metal Lee.

Episode 4: 男女対抗忍術合戦!! (Men and Women opposition, ninjutsu battle!!) 4/26
>At the proposal of Professor Aburame Shino, the students of the class will be divided into boys and girls team in a Capture The Flag battle on the roof. Boruto and the boys goes straight to the roof but their progress are stopped by the combinated might of Uchiha Sarada and Akimichi Chouchou.

Episode 5: 謎の転校生…!! (Mysterious Transfer Student…!!) 5/3

Episode 6: 最後の授業…!! (The Last Lesson / The last teaching) 10/5
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Fuck off you Narutard spammers
There's really nothing to discuss. Don't force a general.

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We better get good news tomorrow or else...
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umaru s2 then konosuba s3 would make for an amazing weekend
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What do we do if there isn't good news?
Stay home from school Monday?
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Never lose hope.

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Hey anon today is the 10th anniversary of the nutbladder thread! In celebration; post wide
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>wide thread
season 5 never
matsuri never animated
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Miyako makes my nutbladder go crazy.

Why are lolis so naughty?
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False, i am more naughty
Naughty lolis are best lolis.
>54 Cymru Beats

What did she mean by this?


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The girl posted by the anon above you confesses her love to you. How do you reply?
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I love Emilia.
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cute girl.png
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bully her for looking like a boy

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Rejoice, brothers! The Nug is back!

All relevant links:
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thanks, we needed a 50th thread of this

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unhinged west black.jpg
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Episode couldn't come any sooner.
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Gohan unamused.gif
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You're dead.
Timeskip will be called Ultra
Reminder that you can't find any movie which does not contradict the canon.

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In anticipation of vol 12: brittle bones
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Entoma is best maid
She has the best voice, but Yuri Alpha is by far the best maid since the LN made it so she was the only actually competent one.
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Solution is pretty competent as well, also who ready for Lizard sex?

Purest form of love.
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I can't believe they did it the absolute madmen.
So this is the reason he stopped paying attention to Sora.
What a strange feeling. It's like I've just noticed I had been carrying a big scar for all these years, but the moment I realized it it disappeared, only smooth skin left behind.

Wincest indeed.

>Anyways, here's Wonderwall.
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Best gril of the season. My waifu, do not steel.
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Re-Creators - 01 (Amazon).webm
2MB, 1280x720px

>not using the webm

faggots, the both of you
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The season is at its end again, so I'll go ahead and dump what reaction images I made of it. Feel free to join in with stuff of your own.

Please don't mind the filenames. I'm using the 4chanX randomizer. For one thing because I'm too lazy to turn it off for just one thread, and for another, because I have an embarrassingly bad sense for names.
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Duo chariots when ?

The impressions for episode 14 are :
>New opening is cute
>New ending kinda sad
>The era of DianaXAkko has begun
>Croix is chunni

Andrew showing up in the end of episode 14 still not confirmed by JapsAnon
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Anon, these are the only confirmed spoilers:
>Very good episode.
>The era of DianaAkko has begun
And the first is just the impression of a yurifangirl.
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Boris is for Sucy's love only.

Prove me wrong.

Source ?

This is the only 10/10 LWA fanart i ever see.

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