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This shit was unsettling.
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Annie is love
Annie is life
I just want Annie to smile again
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out
Sasha top cute and bravest girl.
It was worse in the manga, but cool to see on screen.

Best girl, BEST GIRL!

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>best girl
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>Sanji calls Pepe "Pepe-chan"
>Sanji calls Pepe "cute" when he sees her in a wedding dress

>Sanji calls Nami and ONLY Nami "Nami-san"
>Sanji calls Nami godess and angel when he sees Nami in a wedding dress

Sanji x Nami soon with ALARMING RATE!
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Fourth for she will be Nakama.

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Kirino, Sora and Mikan are old and busted. Pic related is the new hotness.
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It's an award winning start too.
Everyone's in the shitposting thread.
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May as well start.

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Is Mikoto an entry level waifu?
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More like a dead one.
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Welcome to the club, onee-sama.

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what the reunion?
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iya, wakaran
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I've deduced, this is a Good thread.
I still don't understand the nips obsession with Jaguar and the slug.

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Why is Toga so perfect?
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Cause she has like minded fans.
Who is the best hero?
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even the nameless reporter girl is cute
how did hori make it so every girl is likable?

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Have you watched AOTY yet?
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1st for QUALITY animation
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>No nipples
Nipples are for BD

Are we ready for glorious humans to take center stage once again? Shingeki no Bahamut season 2 begins.
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Humanity the strongest.
They make a mistake using slaves though, they should just exterminate all the demons.
Humans apologists please go.
What's there to apologize for?

Is she an Eien Shinken character?

And easily best first episode of the season.
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Picked up
Fucking reminds me so much of Esudesu
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Post your reaction right now
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West Black is best.
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I'm pretty sure Toyo is behind the Goku Black arc. He pitched it to Toriyama, and Toriyama just added in gags and shit. It's way too similar to AF to be a coincidence
I want to fuck Yurin
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West Black.png
2MB, 1368x1512px

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Get rekt

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Make or request /a/ related art
Old >>155540300
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Requesting a Crossover of Toramaru from Rurouni Kenshin and Notari MatsutarĊ from Rowdy Sumo Wrestler Matsutaro both in a sumo match, possible grabbing the sides of each others mawashis. Full Color please.
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chariot and ursula.png
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Requesting shiny chariot shown on the top left cosplaying as roy on the top right.

Alternatively ursula on the bottom left cosplay as ike on the bottom right.

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