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S1 was good but S2 was a travesty

Also is El Elfo still posting here?
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If we're talking about the actual quality of writing S2 is better but S1 is more fun.
>Still no translation for the last chapter of Stigma of Betrayal
>Still no clean version of "Good Luck For You" sang by Rukino Saki (Tomatsu Haruka)
>Still no complete scans for Undertaker
do you know if this booklet from S2 BD 6 was ever scanned by El Elfo?

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What happened to anime, /a/?
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We've entered the dark age of anime.
>he doesn't want to fuck his sister
back to /v/
Moe happened.


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Why was this so damn good?
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Because it's an episodic Lupin with high quality art, animation, music and writing.

I'm in the middle of watching it now, it's great.
Individual episodes were good. Rebecca dragged down all the parts she was in, though.
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European setting

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It's like we are back in time
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It was the best of time.
It was the worst of time.
>there is no reason to believe that as the case here and when that isn't the way things broadly work
>we should assume them to be correct unless given good reason to suspect otherwise
Somehow I question your judgment in this area, when you didn't even realize such a thing was even possible earlier. You've adopted a position of "okay, well maybe it could be true, but only if I think it would apply", but your standards for whether or not it would apply are completely arbitrary. It's really more common than you think.

Given the context of the show, it's theoretically possible that considerably fewer people that are credited actually did work on it. So there's no definite reason to believe it didn't happen.

I was just wasting time arguing until the thread archived before, but I already typed out this whole post, so might as well make this the last reply
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Please no raping Shoebill

Would you taste a FAG?
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My tongue has been all over so many FAGs, dude.
TAN sucks dick.
Why are these robot dolls so fucking lewd? What kind of data are they hoping to gather by programming all of them to be lesbians?

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What is /a/'s consensus on this anime?

I think it's pretty good desu.
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Was my first animu so I'm biased. But it gets too much hate when there are far shittier shows out there.

It's great if you feel like turning your brain off and watching some senseless edgy gore and violence.
Yet another series where the author didn't know how to write, so they just made everything edgy. It gets shit on because underage B&s went around touting it as the second coming of christ. Same thing as AgK really. We'll see another series just like it in a few more years.
I thought the soundtrack was the best part of the anime. Other than that, it was kind of a disappointment. I think the story of the manga was better and more complete. There was actually closure unlike the anime.

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ITT: 10/10 moments from manga or anime that are usually bad
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Nothing about that moment was good, it doesn't even make sense because the Sharingan would let him see; that the water was actually paper and that there was chakra in said paper.

Fuck off Narutard
Yes, I posted the image a grand total of a single time before, how dare I.

I did say the series is usually bad, didn't I?

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I'm going to be frank: are we ever going to have one anime season where this board doesn't spam and force some meme girl everywhere?
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Who is it this season
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Do we have real scans ? Aren't there only like 8 translated chapters or some shit ?
>it's been two years and there's still no Rasputin pseudo-servant inhabiting Kotomine in Grand Order
Why does Type-Moon not want my money?

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That was gay. Will continue watching for the cute girl in the background.
Nose before ho's
I'm watching it for the OP.

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Mid-stage Ursula is pretty hot too.
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Akko best girl tfw
That kind of action scene felt out of place for the series. I'd prefer her to be shown off in a more fitting situation.
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Croix did nothing wrong.

professor and robot are sleep
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robt don't need to sleep
this robot does though
We need a gore spammer for Professor Hakase.

Nezuko a cute!! CUTE!!
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We just don't have the fanbase here to support threads outside of TL threads, anon. Not enough people read it. That probably won't change until we get an anime, but that will bring a whole new set of problems
shut the fuck up animefag
I read it.

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Why do they call it Dog Days if the cutest girl is a fox
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I'm stumped
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Did they make her overwhelmingly best girl on purpose?
Because best girl is dog.

Yaya is the ______
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Never seen these bare mawares

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