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Where's our butter goddess?
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Pudding is CUTE and NAKAMA.
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She's most likely irrevalent garbage, just like Mont D'or.

What did /a/ think of acca 13?
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one of the best of the season
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Easily a contender for AOTY.
one of the dullest things I've watched in years, Madhouse should be ashamed of adapting this kind of trash

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So I've just undergone a marathon of Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon and as I watched the various parts of the end, which included conversations that sparked a part of my mind. Now my lore on the subject of dragons is muddy at best but as I watched the conclusion of this nice little Anime I found myself wondering about a nagging thought that was just THERE.

Tohru throughout the series tries to get her love interest to eat her tail, cooked in various ways to remove all poison, this seems to be a surface fan-service/Almost Yandere idea of being... inside her love interest, but when I really thought about it for a while I hit upon an idea. Dragons, in various forms of media through the ages, have passed some of their powers/abilities/traits down to those who partook of some part of them (To use 'modern' media I can clearly recall Dragonheart's entire theme was just this, and older lore has Fafnir's blood making a man nigh impossible to kill).

So, could it be that Tohru's attempts aren't just slightly weird and that she's trying to lengthen her love intreasts life out with a diet of Dragon meat from a place she knows will grow back?

Just an idea. Any of you guys got crazy theories for Anime that just hit you like this before? If so, do tell!
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Well, that's pretty obvious. Zigfried eating dragon parts to gain it's powers and shit. Tail should contain regeneration power which includes longevity.
Thought about that, too. It's just that the way they presented it was too goofy.

But Siegfried didnt eat any dragon parts. He killed Fafnir and bathed in his blood.

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How can your precious waifu even compete?
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My waifu is Kyouko, that's how.
I'm autistic, what is this image trying to state or imply?
Don't you see that visible tooth?
Yeah, that's the point

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Maya is the best, THE BEST!
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Anon, what's your favourite curry?
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Spicy with some heroic ideals
curry niggers
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You can tell me in hell.
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In the butt.
Is she a kid or a squid?

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let me show you my little friend
what kind of friend is this?

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We isekai SoL now?
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Looks extremely comfy.
M-Maybe isekai ain't so bad after all.
>we isekai SoL now
Finally, maybe something good will come out of this shitty trend.
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There is absolutely nothing inherently wrong with the isekai concept. It's just being written almost exclusively by talentless hacks who couldn't write an original scenario to save their lives.

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What does /a/ think of illegals? Also which character do you hope to get some spotlight and how?
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Illegals is a good compliment to the main series.
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It has a lot of potential but limited as spin off, I really hope one of them ends as sidekick in the main series, or just an appearance, is too good to be just a spin off.
I even made a fanart but as expected, is not getting much attention.
I want to cum in Pop Step

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This town would be more popular if they had less chupacabras and more chupapollas
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More like chupaputas!
A monster that eats whores?
what did he mean by this

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What's her problem?
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Something mundane that will make you wonder why you bothered to read this
Because they're obviously going to have sex on top of his father's corpse
Did this guy decide to write another manga that will have an unsatisfying ending? What's it called?

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Is Shinka cute?
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Shinka o Shinka. How I long to see you again.
she has the rarest name

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Leaks are dead
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