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Who was in the wrong here ?
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Kira did nothing wrong
L, because he only cared about having fun. Kira's world would be too boring for him and he made for a wonderful challenge.

Light is the student who cleaned up the classroom, the faggot teachers get mad because someone is doing a better job than them and muh zero tolerance policy, and L is the autistic class snitch no one likes.

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Have you ever cried watching an anime?
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Shitsugi wa no uso or however the fuck is spelled
Those are some long ass feet. Does Kumiko wear clown shoes?
Not like that

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og shelly.jpg
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I like her though.

Also, >>>/vp/
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Your waifu.

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Who was in the wrong here?
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A REAL man would never strike a lady
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I read somewhere that running outside without shoes on in Japan is the equivalent to going out in your underwear in other parts of the world

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Masamune really got his revenge on her.
Best girl. I usually hate cowtits but she was very cute

I love how dis cute bitch turned out to be Rambo

Am I a normie for enjoying this show? I know it's a simple shonen with no depth but that's why I enjoyed it. It really threw me back to when things were easier, when I watched Dragonball as a kid and could just enjoy my hero kicking some ass. Fuck the pig though. Why can't it die.

>inb4 read the manga faggot
>inb4 back to plebbit
>inb4 Narutopasta

Any way Nanatsu no Taizai thread.
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>not liking Hawk
Please proceed to kill yourself.
Can't wait for the next flashback about Ban and Elaine again.

Fuck him. Or her. Or whatever that thing is

I want to protect this frog
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I want to protect this pig
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fyi she doesn't need protection
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Haven Trooper.jpg
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I want to tacticool her up and give her nanomachines

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would you make her write your speech
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I wanna see more moron Kaguya
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heres depressed kaguya

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Holy shit guys
>Them using Roshi in promotional material was just a misdirection so we will be surprised when Uub is reveled to be the last member of the team
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Uub hasnt been born yet
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>Discussing shows you don't watch
>Kid Uub acually keeps up with ssjb
>powefags on suicide watch

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Alright, guys, fun's over. Wash your hands and shirt of all that jizz and let's stop pretending this character didn't exist for the sole purpose of jiggling her tits and sexually harassing a minor.
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Nobody ever pretended that.
A worthy cause indeed.
females cannot sexually harass males

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How do two of the best animated series I've seen (Mob Psycho 100 & One Punch Man) get adapted from such a shitty manga writer.

No really, ONE is terrible at his/her job. I've met people with only 4 fingers who can draw than ONE can.
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Honestly, his drawings have character. It was a gag manga/web series, not something serious. You try making something this entertaining
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igi ari.png
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watch more anime, also check my digits

Alright, Cells at Work Volume 1 as promised!
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File: 4.jpg (2MB, 2146x3056px)Image search: [Google]
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This will be your military opponent for the evening.
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railguns are fucking cheating wtf
I swear if you use dainsleif one more time.

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Sorry for no release yesterday. Had stuff to do and my typesetter was out of town. Anyways.

[Side] Get to your dreams!
58: Good morning
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[Side] Tanjirou cut his own neck in his dreams...
Wake up!!
Wake up!!

Open your eyes!!

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[Panting 'hah']
"It's fine"
"I'm alive"


She got scared because of his loud voice

"Nezuko!! Are you okay..."
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"What the heck? It's burned off"
"Did Nezuko set her blood on fire?"
"It may be slight, but it reeks of demons"

"Oh yeah, here...!"
"My ticket!!"

"Yeah, there's a slight demon smell here too"

"So we were put to sleep when they cut our tickets"
"This was the demon's plan"

"The blood demon technique can do so much despite its super faint scent..."

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my new qt waifu
Urg, the design looks like a mess.
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Every thread until this is complete. Don't be hard on me anons please.
Wait until the actual anime, I think it will be better.

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