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ITT: Underrated series
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Every thread.
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Chapter is being leaked.
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>not using pic related
You should have edited the hair and make it blue, unless you already did.
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Leave Merged Zamasu to ME!

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Season 2 Confirmed ..... i hope...
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>S2 will be Little Stalker Academia
waiting for the dub and then I'll check this out
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>He's fast
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>His speed is above average
>His the rate positional change with respect to a certain time frame is extraordinarily high
>the velocity that he can travel in a given moment is of extraordinary proportions

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>Female seiyuu voices male character
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>Female MC's seiyuu sings the opening
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>male seiyuu voices girl(male) character properly

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>He got shot to hell
>He got sliced several times by Vicious
>Last we see him he is bleeding out
>After the credits his 'Star' goes out

Why are people thinking that Spike DIDN'T die?
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He did die, but people were attached to the character and secretly hope he isn't dead i assumed that was obvious.
Because that was Vicious' star :^)

It doesn't help either that Watanabe is unsure that Spike is officially killed off.

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This is Ishtar Rin, your servant for tonight. Say something nice to her.
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Show me your feet, you slut.
bend over

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That's a pretty bold claim, what did he do?
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>A flip flopping MC that changes his mind because "I want to be selfish"
>Flashback is him and a girl
wow so based never seen someone like this before in manga
He's pretty good, but calling best manga MC of the century is ridiculous

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So... it was a happy end?
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>His whole life turned around by what he despises most.

Damn son that certainly was a read.
Well, (s)he fonld love in the end, so yes, I guess?
but that love is forced; and more important, he kill his own best friend and his son. That's not pretty happy...

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Are these outfits age appropriate?
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Sure, it would look ridiculous if they were older.
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Of course not. Those shoes are far too erotic to be worn by little girls

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Have I reminded you cunts to watch Gintama lately?
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now i know gintama is kinda underrated on /a/ but i think these threads are going to make /a/ hate gintama !
Making any thread about any show on /a/ makes half of /a/ hate said show

Will this new movie finally save Nanoha?
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VS already saved it by getting rid of these old hags
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It was okay but nothing amazing. I stopped caring about it a week after it ended.

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I was about to laugh at people who cry over useless tv shows, but here I am crying over this anime
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Which scene made you cry? For me it was mostly the Mari/Kanan episode
It made me cry too, but what hit me is the part where she said it's frustrating. The episode where they got zero votes. It hit me too hard
I cried at how awful it was.

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This is the biggest piece of shit i have ever watched.

I dont care what order you watched this show in, you dont get away with playing the same episode 7 or 8 times in a row.
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Why'd you watch one episode of E8 eight times?
fucking endless 8
It was nice how they spread the novel small details across all 8 episodes, it has been years since I read it when endless 8 aired but I still could recognized most of the small tiny bits.
It was a nice touch *if* you have read the novels previously watching endless 8 otherwise it doesn't make much sense if you haven't done so.

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