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This show is fun. Please watch it.

Also what's the less wordy name for it?
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What's it about
Loser gets a job as a substitute teacher at a magic school. Wacky hijinks ensue.
I went into it knowing and expecting nothing and is far it's been fun. The MC is a cool guy and the show so far has a refreshing lack of pretense.

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name a better hairstyle than the hime cut.

you can't.
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High ponytail + Splitting fringe.
I like the hime cut + high ponytail.

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Miura's art is at its peek right around now. What are those anime-only fags thinking? God, I hate them.
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It's ok though. I'm autistically having fun syncing manga to scenes in the anime. I definitely have a long way to go to get gud at it.
That's cool. So this isn't really a comparison vid between the manga and anime? The panels are blocking a lot of it. You're just making a manga video with audio right?

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Is there a more comfy outro than FMA 2003 ED 2?

No, no there isn't.
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FMA Brotherhood ED 2
That one is bad
Both ROD TV endings.

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Umaru on the front page!
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Please delete yourself.
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I hate the nug
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Thank you for keeping umaru-chan up top

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These two fuckers.

I just rewatched S1, and don't get me wrong, their idiocy does amuse me as intended.

But are they really getting off scot-free after the shit they pulled and the role they had in the conspiracy of their father?
It's made obvious that they knew they weren't just playing pranks, they were very much aware that their father's endgame was turning Yaichiro into tanuki stew, and potentially killing off all the other Shimogamos, their fellow tanuki and blood relatives, something unconcievable in tanuki society; only so that they can get their hands on a fucking title.
Then their father's guilt is pretty much proven, the elders know everything, and Soun goes to hot springs.
But even in the season 1 finale, these two dickheads are acting like usual, they just go
>Not only did you thwart our attempt at murdering you, you even threw us into the river and now we've caught a cold! You bastards!
And instead of calling them out on their bullshit, Yasaburo just says somthing like "yeah haha I got you good, you fools"

Of course, in S2 they're back again and I doubt it will ever be brought up again that they were gleefully laughing about sending a fellow tanuki to their death.

I mean, what the fuck?
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Tanukis will be tanukis is what you should takje from this. All tanukis are fools, so something like that is just a part of life.
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Maybe it will never be a plot point, nor do I even know if I want it to be, but sometimes I do wonder if the author considered a character that called out how bullshit the traditions are, I mean, tanuki are conscient beings that are probably as intelligent as humans and just accept their bullshit ways. There are probably a handful of humans who know about their secret, and none of them went, hey, isn't it kinda fucked up how these creatures are treated sometimes.
Not him but in that case why not forgive Soun? Or are they more forgiving of the twins because they were just being influenced by someone else rather than doing it on their own?

Find a flaw
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By me.
She's poor.
There's a line of us who want to fuck her and if you want to fuck her it's a 10 year wait

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Can't wait to see Ithea
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Everyone's only watching this for the lolis anyway.
I am waiting for Lillia
I'm watching it for the tragedy.

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What's the appeal of a character with the body of a pornstar and the mind of a bratty 10 year old girl?
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Tasteless faggots.
the mind of a bratty 10 year old girl
Purity, self control, care for her future, consideration for her future husband.

How is this going to work?
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very badly
Who's making it?

Is Nina the most underrated girl of the season?
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dragon ass.png
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Rate this ass.
Would you tap that ass knowing that she'd turn into a giant dragon if she started to feel to aroused?
What if I do it while she sleeps?

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Well, after two weeks we can finally have a new chapter of our cute girls lifting weights or arm wrestling in this case.

I'm going to try to dump the chapter here, I been having problems with this shit. Don't know what happens but when I start dumping the chapters, I appear as if I was banned, so... If I don't seem to finish the dumping, well, you know what happened.

Here's the link of the chapter just in case: Chapter 18: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/t0egkgzop97403x/AABr09_aHfgFMK-b0LiNHpRNa?dl=0
Another chapters:

Thanks to TLanon an QC anon for their help with the chapter.

Oh, and btw we changed our site so from now on we are going to store our download links here: https://rakuentranslations.wordpress.com/mangas/english/danberu-nan-kiro-wo-moteru/
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She should be dead by now right?
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>She should be dead by now, right?
Why is she standing between two ninja turtles?
That's what I was all like

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MCs of shoujo anime > other waifus
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Shoujo is garbage.
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>shoujo anime waifus

How did she blow winning an MCbowl so badly?
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still mad
Very much so.
It does kind of amaze me that she fucked up.

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