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What does /a/ think of Studio Gonzo's magnum opus?

Amd before anyone starts, no, I am not counting the second season with the cursed name.
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>Gonzo's MO
>not Seto no Hanayome
Really good.
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What about gankutsuou?

Dramatic Irony
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should've gave her the nut
she's already nuts
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>English version has better vocals and sound quality
>they removed 95% of the 80s synth noises

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Heck I own all the volumes. when I first read them I was kinda disappointed with the ending but I found it more enjoyable when I read it for the second time.
Who are your favorite character ?
Takeo and Norio are my favorites, these feels...
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shameless bump, I rarely see thread about this
Nobody read it or what ?
Great manga, Naozomi is best character btw

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This guy has been hired to kill your waifu. Is she powerful enough to defeat him?
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what if he is my waifu
What if he actually works for me?
How powerful is he?

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are you ready for more Hotaru?
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Why yes. Hotaru is best.
I am always ready for best girl.
Yes, ready for more doujins also

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Why was he such an awful villain?
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He's green
What? He's perfect
He's a DBZ villain, duh. They're all just "Mwahahaha! I want to destroy the world!"

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I'm 50+ episodes into Detective Conan and I think I'm beyond saving.

Have you ever tried watching long running shows? Did you ever finish/catch up and how much are you regretting it?
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I always regret it a little bit since I should know better and only pick up stuff if it has ended.
longest i've watched was probably FMA and thats only like 60 episodes
Watch it. It's worth it.

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ITT:Animes that only you watched
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I'm pretty sure Meitantei Holmes is only watched by people looking into Miyazaki or saw it on VHS in the 80s
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Nakiami is mai waifu. She's stuck in a shit show I'll never rewatch.
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I don't even remember what the show is called.

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College themed manga/anime are the best
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One of the few times I think that abandoning porn was not a mistake
here I was hoping for a legit college themed manga, and all I got was pron

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Now even AI can draw anime
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thank god. Now they can start making more anime in a factory with self-insert male protagonists with isekai genre. We need more of this. I'm tired of all this yuri CGDCT garbage bros.
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>tfw too dumb for scientific journals
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Whenever a paper starts with "towards" I stop reading

Did they really know the Western kind red and white Santa Claus in rural 1930 Japan?

It's playing in Murican theatres right now, go see it, it's pretty good.
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This thread again? Seriously?
But this is the first time I made this thread!

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No memes, how does /a/ rate this show?
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9/10 no memes
8/10 while adapting the source material
1/10 during the fanfiction
Excellent show, both series. The fact the majority of shitposting is just 2003 fans flinging poo at brotherhood fans and vice versa rather than legitimate gripes should show that.

Was this really necessary?
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When the sun catch your pee
like the sheen on some brie
that's perverted.

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Why do all of his girls look like AV actresses?

Also new chapter
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Just waiting for this shit to turn into full blown NTR
Why are people so obsessed with NTR?
The girls are hot, but I always loose interest in this author's works partway through.

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