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It's pretty freaking obvious when you see how Oda set up the mystery and left her conspicuously hidden behind the text in the spot where it came from...
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What possible reason could Monet have for giving Chopper a note?

It was obviously Law using his teleportation.
shurororororo shurororororo that's some gomu gomu no headcannon there guy
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>It was obviously Law using his teleportation.

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alright I don't fucking get it. I watched both shows and it barely made sense. Now I discover I was supposed to watch movies in between or something?
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go read

i fell for it didnt i
You're supposed to read the manga.
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Fuck off

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Lucoa is so cute!
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I want her to magically make her breasts produce milk so I can drink her breastmilk while we sleep
I want to fuck Saikawa, or see her doing lewd things with Kanna.

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Would Gilgamesh or Saitama win in a fight
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>Gilgamesh winning any fight
the anime really don't do anything close to his power justice, he can travel to the edge of the universe instantly
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Let us pray that we encounter a miracle today.
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Will Nicholas slay any thots this episode?
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nope,just nigga jungle magic at work here
I want 20 memes by the end of the night

Was expecting a Netoge/Genshiken style of anime, got Romance instead... not hating on romance genre but i was kinda expecting more gaming scene than romance type of story... did the maker got side track during the making or it's just a different approach?
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Newfag and ESL subhuman.
Lurk more.
so it's just like New Game? same stuff?
cute girls doing cute and lewd stuff and a bit of videogames?
none of those, just romance after episode 1 , some gaming at the arcade and just that. I was expecting something after episode 1 where they showed Cs and guilty gear reference . Well it is still episode 6 i hope it get's better

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Get that dirt cake outta my face.
Why is there a wooden starfish floating in front of me?
That's a weird-looking shuriken.

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It's "Feuer", slow wolf
How many times are you going to remake this thread?

Your threads suck, come up with something new.

I want to get rid of my summer backlog and I started with Hellsing Ultimate, seeing as the TV series is OC and generally considered garbage.

So far the first OVA has had obvious pacing and animation problems. My current motivation to keep watching is to see Nakata and Wakamoto voicing two absolute badasses fighting each other.

Is the rest of the anime going to be like this or does it improve?
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Hey I just watched the first OVA this morning and I really liked it, good edgy fun violence.
>to see Nakata and Wakamoto voicing two absolute badasses fighting each other.
You won't be disappointed.
>Pacing problems

Oh, a pretentious fucker are we? Why don't you watch the fucking full thing and find out instead of posting asking about you worthless waste of sperm and egg?

I want to be Hanabi's boyfriend.
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You're too late. she's been dykefied.
I want to be Hanabi's girlfriend.
There's nothing more revolting than receiving affection from someone you're completely disinterested in.

s2 WHEN?
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The first season, and it's just my opinion, wasn't even made to be continued. We got to see Ange piss herself and that's the high point of the whole show.
You might have shit taste but I agree, it got decent conclusion and there's not much need for a second season.

p.s.: Salia is my waifu.
yuri offshoot when?

Whats his catchphrase again?
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Realistically, how much stronger could Frieza get? He only trained for 4 months and yet, he had become a lot stronger than Goku who had been training for at least a decades worth of time since he defeated Frieza on Namek and had obtained a godly form that could fight with a literal god of destruction.
Even with the ridiculous amount of training Goku has gone through after the defeat of Frieza, again, he's only equal with Frieza.
Albeit, Frieza has gotten stronger since then but, lets be honest, he likely hadn't gained much strength and his really improved aspect is his energy control.
So, all things said and done, how much stronger could Frieza get?
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Look man, I love Lord Frieza, but I don't give a shit about powerlevels
Have a sexy Frieza
How stronger could Cell be, considering that he has Frieza's DNA and has a higher base power level than him?
>Akira Toriyama’s Inside Story: What’s the relationship between Beerus and Freeza?
>Even Freeza is no match for the God of Destruction Beerus, no matter what he does!
I'm not one to trust Toriyama though since he changes shit all the time

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Why wasn't she a love interest?
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because rika is cuter
That is just plain wrong
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she is
for girls

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Which Code Geass girl would be the best fuck and why is it Cornelia
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Which of the girls actually did? Pick from them.
Cornelia belongs in the same category as Jewgi and Villeta, people who got away with everything instead of dying like the vermin they were.
Kallen, of course.

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