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Have YOU read the Berserk of Korea (Shin Angyo Onshi)? It's actually finished and has only a mild boat-episode!

I just bingeread the whole thing on one sitting and got the usual empty feeling inside.
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I have and it's great.
Aji Tae is infinitely worse than Griffith too.
>boat episode
What's with long running manga with hiatus and boats

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Now to wait for spoilers
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I want to fuck Tohka.
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Wonder if we'll find out the truth about Reine and Mio

>Nobody notices Ranko is cosplaying Sayaka
>voice actress Eri Kitamura

Good job, Madoka fags.
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It looks off, also no one watches this.
How the fuck does it look off you retard. She also has a sword and said one of Sayaka's lines. She's Sayaka
Why won't Madoka fags watch any show besides Jojo and Madoka?

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011 - 10_11.png
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>Hiroe Rei using Rock to break the 4th wall and speak directly to the readers

Also is Revy gonna be cucked? Seems like she's out of sight, out of mind for the rest of this arc.
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I think it'll be alright in the end, Feng is obviously added to put in tension between the two, but they'll eventually make it.
I want them to kill each other in the end.
I still hate glasses bitch.

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enrico pucc.jpg
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Pic related
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hitler waits on the moon.jpg
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Redpill me guys. Why couldn't Sasuke or Naruto took care of this guy easily? Like, not even have to transform to kiuubi mode.

How does one write a story with already god like characters? Can it be done?Can it be done well?
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They were beating him pretty easily with minimal effort and only his unknown ability let him do pretty much nothing to either. Naruto basically laughed off that sword to the chest, you know the same sword that cut Juubi Madara.
It's for tension. It wouldn't be much of an arc if Naruto and Sasuke one-shotted Shin in the first second he appeared.
They didn't want to destroy him they wanted to apprehend and learn about him. Plus they had to look after the kids too.

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>MC kills a human opponent
>makes no big deal about it because it was necessary
Never thought I'd see this in modern Jump.
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>kill various monsters that can speak and converse with humans
>the monsters are also shown to have emotions
>but anytime a human is involved it's all NO I CAN'T KILL A HUMAN THATS TABOO

99% of all shit shounen out there. It makes no fucking sense either
Unless you want angry letters from parents and getting kick out of your cozy job making money because the management rather lose you than become the next target for the yearly mothers witchhunt, you usually skip the murdering guys part when pandering to young kids.
No I meant more from a logic stand point of the story

it's ok to kill creatures with a conscious, but not kill humans. If the writer wants to go down the moral path for a story line, then just have the monsters get captured/banished instead

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pluto anime teaser.jpg
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Please don't screw this up.
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It'll be such an unremarkable adaptation that people will wonder why they aren't just reading the manga, much like Monster's anime.
I hope it's not like Monster's adaptation. Probably the most uninspired adaptation ever.
What fucking bullshit, the adaptation was perfect. Monster isn't supposed to be a dynamic thriller ala Death Note revolving around Tenma killing Johan. It's a long, eery, inspired, breathful journey and the anime perfectly transcribed that. The soundtrack is god tier, the art is god tier, the emotions were flawlessly put into place. It is Tenma's journey and also a journey for the japanese who discover what Europe looks like.

Why do you guys don't like to talk about Chino and her show?
She's by far the best loli in anime.
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These threads are cursed.
How so?

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Starting with this classic.
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shits gonna hit the fan if the Kaworu poster shows up wew

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Why are MC's so afraid of sitting in this box?
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Same reason everyone avoids sitting there irl
They are not.
For a while they used to seat MCs next to the window in the back of the class because that meant they'd have less characters to animate when focusing on the MC.
Nowadays it's just a meme.
That´s the uncool space Anon, dont you remember from school
Only nerds sat in that box.

Is nippon as obsessed with Burgerland as America is with Japan?

are you going to scarborough fair?
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No, they're obsessed with France.
Nobody actually gives a shit about the US. The only reason you think that people do is because so many consumer products are American. That doesnt mean that a populous actually cares about your country, it just means that they care about your products. Its the same with German cars. If there are any groups of foreigners the Japanese are obsessed with its either Koreans, whom they hate, or central Europeans, particularly Germans, to whom they are closest and most similar.

most elevens are obsessed with American dick. These are facts. Just go there and find out.

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Is moeshit dying?
Every season is just deepshit, shonenshit and haremshit.
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It should fucking die and never come back. Every season, we will need shounen, harem, and isekai harem protagonists. These are top genres from the Japanese.

And for the love of god, stop with all of that yuri faggotry. Shinzo Abe should ban it from all media.
I'm surprised that there are people using the term "moeshit" but not including haremshit in its definition.
Maybe you just aren't looking at whats airing

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What went right?
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Almost nothing.
>Over 13 episodes long
>Annoying female character introduced
>Bad visual design with underwhelming animation
>Hacky story we've all seen before
>Absolutely ruined in a single moment by destroying the entire premise and turning the "satire" into pure trite
Samurai Flamenco is garbage.
KENN and Flamen Black
That's a shame. I'm at episode 4 and am enjoying it so far.

Who is the worst sailor and why is it Chibiusa?
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But she's the prettiest one.
She's actually the second best, topped only by Moon herself.
She's really good with horses

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