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The new Risty design: thoughts?
I prefer the older version.
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Too skinny.
The design looks a lot less "wild", the lack of spiky hair and clothes.
btw it's quite a time since I heard of Queen's Blade, what happened/is happening with the franchise nowadays?
I can only think of the obvious reboot

Thoughts on GX? thinking about giving it a watch
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Its the best one desu
I think you're forgetting about 5D's
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Post girls that the world literally forgot about.
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Remembering that Yunyun exists is always good for a laugh.
If you forgot about the girl you posted then why you post her?

So whenever they're alone together and the scene changes, that means they're banging each other's brains out, right?
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you have to try extra hard to impregnate space elfs
Hard to screw with a hole in your shoulder, kind of put you off.
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no they just bant

seikai no monshou's artwork was abomination for it's time but seikai no senki salvages it by the end

whats his problem
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Happiest girl in the world.jpg
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You didn't forget her right, /a/?
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You know what? I actually did.
Wait, who is this again?
This show was just about as dumb as it's title.

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Post smiles that you want to protect
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You've got your work cut out for you.

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Black clover digital card game
So is this going to be 1-2 cours, or are they going to milk the hell out of this shit?
Who is the pink haired dude and the guy next to him?
Anime ocs?

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Why is this show so bad with a cuck beta male protag? like seriously, this is a bad gambling show
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Dude cuck lmao
>this is a bad gambling show
This meme needs to stop. Do you also say that a show is about trees if it has trees in it? Gambling is just a vehicle to show off the crazy bitches.
Trees don't take the majority of the screen time

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I'm gonna try and star a discussion here, but i think i'm gonna fail because i'm not eloquent enough. The first thing that's gonna happen if this thread doesn't get ignored is that i'm gonna be told to "go back to /pol/" by some retard.

But guys, i think that, thanks to jordan peterson i finally understood some of evangelio 2.22, and i wonder if anyone has any more insight to it.
I had already realized how original eva was about connection between people and the difficulty of understanding each other fluffed among all that symbolism. But now i just watched 2.22 again and saw sense in it's symbolism, the hero, the dragon of chaos, the individualism, love, desire to be loved. I think it all becomes pretty obvious in the final scenes and then the credits song is hammering it in for dummies. then the after scene happens and 3.33 comes and i don't know what
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There's only one thing you need to understand about any Rebuild movie: it's shit.
fate denied you trips because you just missed the point of the thread.
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The only argument people have against 3.0 is that the characters treated shinji in an annoying and nonsensical way.

Because 95% of people who watch NGE project themselves into the character that is Shinji, after Shinji was thrust into a situation where people were treating him poorly, unfairly and nonsensically, they were personally hurt and confused. They felt betrayed by all of their favorite characters, and were confused why they would treat him in such a way.

This is how 3.0 is an absolute masterpiece. Just as 2.0 successfully pulled you through a comfy world of girls and overcoming obstacles and made you happy and comfortable, 3.0 just as successfully pulled you into a world of pain and confusion, precisely what Shinji was feeling during 3.0. It is a magnificent achievement in art that people feel exactly what the main character is feeling while the main character is feeling it, the sense of confusion and pain that Shinji is feeling is 100% projected onto the viewer.

Juveniles are unable to separate themselves from the perspective of Shinji and look at Hideaki's artwork from the outside, so they turn their pain and confusion into dislike, aka cognitive dissonance(what christians feel when they see literature on natural selection).

This is why an experienced palate understands the magnificent piece of art that 3.0 is, and the difficult task that it has achieved of pulling you directly into the feelings of the MC.

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No new chapter this week. Sorry. Had a rough time trying to get scanning and cleaning done and it just didn't happen in time, so here's two of the omakes we missed.
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RIP Misuzu
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>you can't really tell a joke three times in a row
are you sure
Misuzu was raped by Carol apparently.
Tell me stabbed her please just end it

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How could anyone rebel against this face?
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Because they're losers. Losers hate nice things.
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Camelot was second only to NERV in the autism-density of its population.
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Because they never saw that cute face and saw a cold machine king destined to fail

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Do you prefer watching an anime after it has been finished or watch it while it's airing?
I prefer the latter, since it's easier to discuss about it here.
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I prefer after it's finished. This way I can marathon it for a night or two instead of driving myself nuts waiting for an episode for 7 days (or more if shit goes wrong).
I'll watch everything while it's airing. If there isn't anything worth watching or there are like 3 shows i'm watching that season, i'll work on my back log or remarathon a show I like.
easier to watch an anime while it's running

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How did this character capture the struggle of social anxiety so well?
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the author modeled her after herself duh
Because "social anxiety" is a pleb-tier "disorder"(usually self-diagnosed) that a lot of people experience. Nothing hard about capturing it since it's very popular and has been depicted a million times in various media.
why does she have two pair of eyebrows?

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