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Just started reading yesterday and I'm on chapter 37 and I just have one question:

When does it start getting good? The main appeal of this series seems to be comedy, but it's really not THAT funny. Only Genoz gets a laugh out of me every other chapter.
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it's not a 'bust a gut' laughing kind of series, and honestly, I don't even consider it primarily comedy. If you don't get the appeal by ch 37 you won't ever. Go spend your time with another series.
it only gets worse sorry.
how about you take a steak knife and rape your own asshole

I have nothing to add to that

Not because I'm an unrefined, illiterate imbecile

but because this thread is really fucking stupid and annoying in its basic premise.

style without substance
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Wrong picture mate. I think you wanted to uploaded Redline but no big deal! Here let me assist you.
Redline was actually good movie
it never pretends to have substance

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I keep forgetting to start the manga.

Too bad the translation for it are at such a glacial pace.
Empress best girl.

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Where are the games? You told me there'd be games.
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it said there would be gamers

Youre the game OP, theyre playing your emotions
In the game of harems, you either win, or you're the best girl.

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What insult does she have this time?

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ITT Love interests that are too good for the MC of their series
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Kill yourself.
Literally 90% of the time
Ugly bitch.

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What is the best style of hair in anime and why is it okappa?
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Sex hair is the best
what is sex hair, anon?

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Why is this allowed in anime?
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I fucking hate this shit. The toilet paper rolls out OVER not under.
Yeah that bothered me too. Such a waste of toilet paper.
No it doesn't, and why do you care?

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Apparently Kaguya won a NicoNico contest
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I don't recognize whatever is in third place.
What kind of hand gesture is Kaguya and Fujiwara throwing up there?
>beating Neverland
Wow lads.

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I'm only 2 episodes in and it seems like it was written by someone who read stuff like Berserk and Claymore but thought edgy violence was what made them so good
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Just drop it. The anime is just terrible. The manga isn't so bad but very mediocre. My advice: stay away from this series.
Figured as much, thanks anon.
isn't it the rule to watch three episodes and then drop it if you still don't like it?

Starting with not one but two easy examples.
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MC was a faggot.
Sara best girl
Woah nigga don't kill the thread so soon.
I was disappointed to learn that their upcoming lesbian bonus comic's going to be a three-way with the MC, rather than just the two of them lezzing out together

Who is the best sensei?
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hey I have an idea let's make an anime with like thirty girls in it but instead of giving them a wide array of personalities and appearances let's make all of them look almost exactly the same and make sure they all have identical core personality traits we can call it "bye bye sad man"
not this mangaka self insert for sure, to many 4th wall breakages, and after a certain point (11 volume or so) ALL OF THEM ALL LIKE 20 OF THEM are self inserts and 4th wall breakers, ant it's all the humor anymore. Yay
dropped shit out of this ksomanga
2metashit 4me
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wrong answer!

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If you had to be trapped in one anime/manga world, which one would it be? It could be any kind of world, whether one conceptually identical to our Earth in the present, the future, the past, or a fantasy world entirely. For the purpose of this exercise, let's suppose that you are allowed to be near the series' main characters, in location. Also, which anime and manga world would you absolutely not want to be part of? Why?
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I'd live in a generic harem world befriending the MC and his harem while plotting to sell the girls into sex slavery using blackmail and illegal substances that only exist in 2D, probably grab "best girl" for myself. I'll make sure that my clients will only be fat middle aged old men and have them make multiple sex videos with the girls which I will both keep for myself and anonymously forward to the MC. Not sure whether the main love interest's video should be the first or last to be sent to him. (By last I mean last among the girls to be revealed has become a sex slave for a fat middle aged man.)
Alternatively I'll go for any high-school romance setting, become acquaintances with MC and his love triangle and make best girl develop feelings for me culminating in a really comfy spin-off series about us after highschool with cameo appearances from the old main characters.
fate/stay so I can be bros with shirou

I might also be able to pick up one of the qties there too, its a win/win, a win/win/win if I get to do magic stuff too. I think it'd be max comfy but also with some exciting bits.
manyuu hikenchou is the only answer

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So what show from your backlog are you watching right now?
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Binzume Yousei
Figure 17
Kemeko DX
Kurogane Communication
FLCL because of S2 and S3
Is it weird to not have a backlog?

>western studio does a cgi remake of Arupusu no Shojo Haiji
>literally has better animation than any Japanese cgi studio can pull off while looking like a cgi ghibli film.

Why does Japan still suck ass at doing cgi? Look at like the new Godzilla trailer. Stuttery stiff shit.
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looks like a cutscene for a wii game bro
Final Fantasy has probably had the best cgi for the longest span of time.
>Why does Japan still suck ass at doing cgi?
Because they usually render it at 12 FPS or some bafflingly low number.
That video you posted is Jimmy Neutron tier, though.

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