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>i'm so strong i can't sense you
>wait you're so strong that i can't sense you

what was meant by this?
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ichigo is stronger than him.
Zangetsu is the White Man.

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Soooo... was it shit?
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it already is when the premise is girls with swords
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No, it was anime of the season.
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Raido's imaginations are running wild again.
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So are they dating yet?
Basically, but they don't know it yet.
Fuck, that was cute.

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What anime is the most a e s t h e t i c ?
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No idea.
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I have a few more of this so may as well post them.

Can I like Emi now, /a/?
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>not liking best girl from the beginning
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Fucking disgusting, it seems like grandma's tits
there was this really muscular asian guy with an attractive white gf sitting next to me during this scene and it made me feel incredibly uncomfortable
Gross as fuck.

Yandere Yuma is nice.
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What chapter are they already in?
they finished the 12 with this episode.
No, it was 11

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Are you ok with people on /a/ who refuse to read the manga and just want to watch anime?
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Yeah they are fucking plebs
I don't care usually, but JoJo made me despise them.
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Yes, but I also recognize them as inferior human beings.

They're the /a/ equivalent of the teenage girl intellectual who considers herself to be "like such a nerd and an outcast or whatever" for reading books but in reality only ever reads YA novels like Harry Potter or Hunger Games.

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Fact: No one would care about this series if not for TTGL
Prove me wrong.
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It certainly wouldn't be as memed as much but Getter is still a classic.
No one in the west maybe.

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It's getting a video game released in English for PS4. is it really that bad?
What's wrong with it?
i like the series a lot. the art is pretty unique, it has fun character designs, and the story is solid enough (gets even better after the anime ends)

say what you dislike about it or this is just a pathetic bait thread, faggot

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Hoseki no Kuni PV

Coming next season, done by CG studio Orange. Their first full TV anime production. They did the CG mecha for Majestic Prince, CG Akito. The faces look better than expected, and it seems they nailed the color composition.
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>Phosphophyllite/Phos (Tomoyo Kurosawa)
Hardness level 3.5. Phos is the youngest among the Lustrous at 300 years old. Phos is brittle and weak, and is unfit to fight. Phos feels useless and unskillful at everything, but for the first time Phos is given a job — to edit a natural history magazine.
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>Cinnabar/Cinsha (Mikako Komatsu)
Hardness level 2. Cinnabar has a special ability to be able to emit an unlimited supply of silver-colored venom, and because of that, Cinnabar is distant from the other Lustrous. Cinnabar is also in charge of night patrol for the Lunarians, and is skillful in battle. Cinnabar is wise and prudent, and forms a close relationship with Phos after Phos asks Cinnabar to help with the magazine.
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>Diamond (Ai Kayano)
Hardness level 10. While Diamond's hardness level is the highest at 10, Diamond's toughness level is lower compared to Bort because Diamond is one single crystal. Diamond loves romance stories.

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ITT: Good looks, terrible personalities.
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OP said good looks.

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Who the fuck was this annoying bitch femlet meant to appeal to?
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Real answer: My dick
>Awful voice
>Annoying bitch
I still wanna fuck it.

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Why is she best girl?
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she is a piss fetichist worst girl
She actually is not the best girl but people sympathise her for falling for that guy and not giving up, that's all lol...

The art so good when he's not trying to make shit realistically creepy.

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Was he a pedophile?
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He's a self-insert.
Hachikuji legitimately had better chemistry with Araragi than any other girl in the cast.

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