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I'm surprised they still remember Ellen Baker.
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Lesson 1: You'll never get any.

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What happens if these 2 switch places?
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Re:Zero would be a lot better and Subaru wouldn't have to deal with Satella being such a bitch
Rem would have won
Re:Zero becomes better, KonoSuba becomes worse.

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For those interested , Kubo will be in europe next October, at this year Lucca Comics and Games

If you want to insult him, this is your chance eurobros
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He will even draw a special cover for the last volume.
>If you want to insult him
What would you want to insult him for, drawing a shitty comic? By that logic, you shoudl want t odrop a nuke on hollywood for making shitty movies.

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>Koharuko is finally here
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>new yotsuba doesn't get any replies
We need a new beginning
>Doesn't post pictures of Koharuko
What's the point?

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Where were you when this dumb motherfucker managed to get himself dequirked when his power is to be intangible?
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Fuck Mirio.
How the fuck did he even get shot in the first place? so dumb
He didn't lose his quirk he literally ends up using it again towards the end of the chapter

Who would win?
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One of them fought in Nam...
My dick.
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Renchon is fucking cute. She is flat like a chopping board.

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Bungaku Shoujo vs Delinquent Bungaku Shoujo. Fight!
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How does she always get so effortlessly destroyed by everyone around her?
Does Nico have a grudge against her or something?
Thanks op. What time do you usually make the thread's I keep miss them.
Volume 1 come out next month on 9/8. https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/4063695816/

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Why are anime boys so ugly? The simplified features of anime face fits anime girls, because females are supposed to have softer facial features. But for boys, it makes them look like low test faggy retards. The "manlier" ones (with square jaws, etc) look like Jason Genova.

Can't they just go with loomis technique for male characters, like in western comics? Western male characters look way less gay.
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Boys can be cute
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Anime boys are the definition of beautiful you fucking pleb

Go jack off to your shitty bald white marines in generic shooter number 1928732
Oh look another ''I want anime to be westernized'' kind of guy.

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I don't understand those rules.
They are not properly explained.
"Should your held points drop below 0, it's game over" implies that individuals can be dropped to below 0 ppints. Can you distribute your own 10k points in such a way that some party members start with negative points?
Touching the base means you have infinite points. That means your team total cannot drop below 0 while at least one team member stays at home, touching the base. You literally cannot lose.

If you can assign negative points, then I would give one player -10^10^100 points, and give everybody else ridiculously high scores. The guy with the negative points stays at the base, and the rest go hunting.
But here is the problem:
You can't take more than 500 points from every opponent before they return to their base. Unless they are really stupid, they are going to realize that they must not let go of their base. And at that point you are stuck.
This game can only be won against retards.
I forgot about the time limit. That makes things slightly less stupid, but the rules are still really imbalanced.
I believe the "held points" would refer to the team total not to an individual player, as in if a team has 0 points to steal from the game is ended immediately. Or maybe that or if a single person is reduced to zero points they just die "game over" since the OP implies this is a survival scenario

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How is this funny? Everything just revolves around bullying the poor girl. Is that why you like Yostubato so much? For the moments she starts tearing up?
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>How is this funny
>bullying the poor girl
There's your answer.
You're a monster. I bet you sexualize Kino or some other depraved shit too.
>Is that why you like Yostubato so much? For the moments she starts tearing up?

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ai the ai.jpg
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Subs where?
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Is this good yet?
I want less jigokus and more shoujos.
next one is a beach episode.
HS release is delayed because today episode seems to be hardsubbed on CR for some reason.

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pick one desu
every time I see some cgi shit i want to gouge my eyeballs out
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Arpeggio of Blue Steel
Berserk CG is probably the worst I've seen.

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Our Ruler in danger! Do something now!
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You just sound like a bad, baity ad in an adult site, anon
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That's nothing compared to what I'd do to her.

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Still the best fight in the series.

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Why is Mio so happy?
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She's hugging a giant dick
I wish I was a weird tube shaped pillow

Because I proposed to her

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